Keith L Branton
2nd January 2007, 16:17
I have tried unsuccessfully to locate my old shipmates on Neleus. If any of the undernoted log on to this most excellent site I would be very pleased to hear from them.
Don Fowler; Don Cooper;Billy Shield;John Ramage;Ralph Tudor;Joe Pope;Nigel Coward.
Best Regards Keith Branton

2nd February 2007, 07:46

The lad who joined Blue Flue with me was a good pal called Geoff Brant.

I got to go deep sea with the Nestor, later re-named Glenaffric, and Geoff got the Nelius. That's what you get for winking at the girls in the Birkenhead Pubs. This would be early 1968.

I would love to hear from Geoff but like a lot of us we have all lost touch.

Cheers Mate.


Roderick Allan Ross
4th January 2009, 21:18
A very happy ship when I joined her in 1966, the crew kept signing on again and again. We were on the Australia run, it was wonderful! Suddenly in 1968 she was taken off the Australia run, it wasn't the same. I left soon after. Anyone from voyage numbers 34 to 38 remember engineers Rod Ross, Colin Tretheway, John Ogden, Pete Roberts, Ken Walsh, deck officers Eric Watterson, Dave Chambers. The A/B's too, all good men and true, especially John Mearns,