BP and Marconi

2nd January 2007, 19:11
just found this site today and some of the notes in the forum bring back happy memories. I passed the PMG exam at Brooks Bar Manchester in the fifties, after which I served on the Cragmoor and the Baron Renfrew as a Marconi R/O and then signed a contract with BP. I had a great time and apart from the shocking food on the Baron boat, I had absolutely no regrets about my decision to go to sea. Just a pity that afterwards, I lost contact with some very good friends

K urgess
2nd January 2007, 19:18
Welcome Sparks62.

I'm Marconi and Marconi. Never bothered to change.
We share the Hungry Hogarth heritage. I was on the Wemyss 66/67 as junior.

At this rate us sparkies are soon going to outnumber everybody else.
Great Stuff(Thumb)

2nd January 2007, 20:08
Welcome aboard from Italy.

bert thompson
2nd January 2007, 20:36
SPARKS62 welcome to this wonderful site. Getting overloaded with ex R/O/s but then we are all ex these days. Was on the Br. Endeavour from 6 12 51 till 31 08 53 under Marconi. Happy days
Best wishes

Ron Stringer
2nd January 2007, 21:20
Any chance of you adding to your profile so that we can see the ships' names and dates that you were on them? To edit your profile click on Quick Links (at the top of the page) and the Edit Profile. You may well find that there are ex-shipmates on here that will respond once they are aware of the ships that you were on with them. Regards

2nd January 2007, 22:01
Well Sparks62 we don't care what you did at sea, as long as you love ships you are very welcome here. I hope you enjoy the site.

2nd January 2007, 22:56
Welcome from the North of England.

I am sure you will find lots of things of interest here.

Enjoy the site - we look forward to your contributions.



2nd January 2007, 23:04
Welcome Sparks62 from the Highlands of Scotland,

Hope you enjoy yourself and catch up with those old friends right here on Ships Nostalgia.

Best regards,

Mike (ex R/O as well)

3rd January 2007, 08:38
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the Voyage

3rd January 2007, 09:33
Welcome Sparks62 from the south of England, enjoy the site, Bon voyage

3rd January 2007, 23:13
Welcome Sparkes62. I also got my ticket at Brookes Bar in 1960, but joined IMR. Enjoy the site

Ron Stringer
3rd January 2007, 23:32
I was at Brook's Bar 1958/59. Did we overlap? Were the McLeod brothers and Terry Crowther teaching there at the time you were there, as well as Woody?

4th January 2007, 01:48
Welcome aboard Sparkes62 plenty you guys in here now enjoy the site and all on offer

7th January 2007, 07:05
Welcome aboard Sparks62. I am also ex. R/O and ex. Marconi. I swallowed the anchor in 1968 and joined Marconi's Shore Technical staff in Liverpool.
Enjoy your stay.

Steve Hawes.