3rd January 2007, 12:20
Come on there must be some-one who sailed on the Cornishbrook, she was one of Comben Longstaff's ships, lovely little ship.

3rd January 2007, 12:35
Dorsetbrook, but not Cornishbrook. Can't say she was a "lovely little ship" either (EEK)

3rd January 2007, 18:20
Aaah, the Cornishbrook was, you was on the 'not so lovely' one then.

10th January 2007, 10:08
I was 2nd Mate on the Cornishbrook from 22/8/72 until 13/9/72 doing relief work for Comben Longstaff. Previously, I was a long time on the Richmond Queen, (ex Somerset Coast), also with Comben Longstaff. She was the sister ship of the Cornishbrook, although it seems Coast Lines built the ship to a better standard.

10th January 2007, 13:26
When I was on the Cornishbrook the Captain was a really nice chap, he had a straggly old budgie in his cabin, can't remember the Captain's name though.

Was he still there when you was? I was there in 1966, we watched England win the world cup on there, it's hard to believe now that we've ever won it, that was probably the last time we'll get our hands on it though, methinks.


13th January 2007, 00:27
Ray, I vagually remember him and I think he died on board the ship , I know that at the later stage he was in poor health when she loaded gypsum here in Dundalk, was his name Trainor or Taylor? Were you on her on the gypsum run? Charley

13th January 2007, 17:54
Hi Galtra,
I can't help with the Captain's name, I know he was getting on when I was on the ship, also I'm not sure what cargo we carried.

My time on there was very eventful, the world cup final was on, the Captain told me to stop work and let me watch the game.

Then we sailed, not sure from where, but the cook, the other catering lad and the deck staff, except the bosun, were all ashore in a pub, they all missed the ship.
I was cooking all of the meals, serving them up and then doing what else I could of my cleaning duties, I was really proud of what I achieved.

Yes, a very eventful trip.

1st July 2013, 01:34
My dad sailed on the Cornish brook and most of the Brook boats, Also the Osborne Queen. I remember Staying on the Caernarvon brook and Dorset Brook when I was about 5. They were laid up along side each other in Hartlepool being painted white if I recall...... It was a long time ago.

12th July 2013, 12:54
My time on Caernarvonbrook was memorable for the great food and plenty of it. The cook/steward was of another persuasion but for sure he could dish up Ritz quality food.

I was on her for four months, great runs - Bayonne, Leith, Hamburg, Dublin, London, Leningrad, Murmansk, Dundee, Amsterdam, Gdansk, Antwerp, Cork, Leixones, Castellon and a quite a few more .

Yes a good job and a happy little runner.



12th July 2013, 13:00
i was inthe Winchesterbrook in 68 and the Warwickbrook 69 good little Ships a good job and some good laughs

12th July 2013, 14:45
I was on CardiffBrook Nov 63 as catering boy she was a good ship strait from n.s.t.s., It was there I made the worst decision of my entire life, I jumped ship and joined the army.

2nd December 2014, 23:06
Come on there must be some-one who sailed on the Cornishbrook, she was one of Comben Longstaff's ships, lovely little ship.

Hello redgreggie.
I joined Cornishbrook at Clelands yard on the Tyne as she was fitting out, I joined her from the Westminsterbrook which I joined in Delft on fitting out. I stayed in the Cornishbrook until late 1964.
The Skipper was Capt Bill Taylor from Sunderland, who was the C & L fleet Commodore, and the !st Mate was Harry Brant an Estonian. She was a lovely vessel and we were a very happy family