Joe Cocker

22nd December 2014, 19:37
Have just heard the sad news that my favourite singer of all time Joe Cocker has past away.God bless and rest in peace Joe.

22nd December 2014, 19:40
RIP Joe. His Woodstock set will never be forgotten - it can be found on Youtube for those who wish to relive/discover it.

22nd December 2014, 19:44
R.I.P Joe Cocker. Great entertainer, great songs.

22nd December 2014, 21:08
Thanks for many years of great entertainment, you were one of a kind.


22nd December 2014, 23:08
JOE COCKER.GREAT ENTERTAINER.MAY HE REST IN condolences to his family.regards ben27

22nd December 2014, 23:30
Awesome guy then Jennifer Warne came along. RIP Joe.

Farmer John
22nd December 2014, 23:35
Always felt he sang from the heart, guts and soul.

23rd December 2014, 03:02
Just heard the news. He was a working class guy from Sheffield, great performer. His iconic performance at Woodstock will always be his legacy.
RIP Joe. Stand easy.

It's going to be a terrible decade for losing musicians from the 60's 70's etc.

23rd December 2014, 03:28
Sheffield Steel= great album - and very well recorded

23rd December 2014, 07:27
Terrible loss. RIP, Joe.

Bob Murdoch
23rd December 2014, 08:09
Remember the docu movie of his "Mad Dog" tour of USA. Saw it between Christmas and New Year in Wellington, NZ in 1973, I think. Leon Russel wearing his top hat running it all from the piano, and that great voice doing the business.
Thanks Joe.

23rd December 2014, 08:25
Sad news indeed.

One of the best.



Jim Harris
23rd December 2014, 10:45
Great live act, great voice.

RIP. Joe.

23rd December 2014, 11:04
Willincity, agree though that is our generation. Wonder what Kicky Dee is up to?

Saw him live in Aus also London great performer though his profesionalism might at times havebbeb questionable?b

14th January 2015, 13:33
It's going to be a terrible decade for losing musicians from the 60's 70's etc.
Not wanting to start another thread but just thinking back to my quote a couple of weeks ago:

Dozy, of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, dies aged 70