Contship Germany

Bob S
22nd November 2004, 22:02
The "Pink" one.

CONTSHIP GERMANY (92/16236) inward bound passing Tilbury (UK) assisted by Howard Smith's SUN SUSSEX.
Photographed March 1996.

david smith
22nd November 2004, 22:47
Who on earth was the ship's planner for that trip? I would not class that as "racing trim"! A couple of feet by the stern would be acceptable.
Now the colour.......

Bob S
23rd November 2004, 20:40
I can remember vaugely another similar ship painted bright green at about the same time... or was I dreaming.

david smith
23rd November 2004, 20:58
Pink ships - green ships - did you ever talk to lifeboats as well?

Bob S
24th November 2004, 15:23
It depended on the colour!