New Clyde Steamer Website

Donald Kelly
6th January 2007, 22:31
A Good New Year To All

I have put up a NEW WEBSITE for CLYDE STEAMER ENTHUSIASTS at and, though there are still many photographs to add, the main texts are up and cover numerous less well known or only slightly understood aspects of the steamers' development, operation and history.

For the more patient internet users, the website pages contain a series of "EDWARDIAN TIMETABLES" and "PIER-TO-PIER DISTANCE TABLES" which, to get their full and proper benefit, can be built into proper "composite" tables using Microsoft Word (or equivalent) and its "table insertions" and then printed off to give a proper overview of the complexity of the services - A short guide prefaces the tables to help along with any reconstructions.

There is also a 'Ship Handling Guide' and a link to the "Ports of Call 3D" website which allows one to download a program where one can try and berth and un-berth a ship alongside a quay !

Too there are links to WEATHER PAGES and DAIILY NEWSPAPER SITES and . . . . . and . . . . . much much more, including AIS Ship Plotter pages where in real time (though not always on the 'River Clyde' page) you can watch and identify the various ship and ferry movements !

One of the MSN Group of websites, there is a "Joining Up" page as well !

The Kintyre 'sister site' also has other 'shipping pages' including an account of the stranding of the "LOCHIEL" in 1960 at

For anyone interested in the subject of RADIO, I have another website to celebrate The 100th Anniversary of Fessenden's Radio Mast at Machrihanish, Scotland which blew down in an Atlantic gale in 1906 after taking part in the first ever series of 2-way transatlantic SPEECH BROADCASTS - This website at provided the link between American, Canadian and Scottish radio enthusiasts during 2006 and it contains both non-technical and technical pages, including some Morse Code history.

Have fun !

Donald Kelly

6th January 2007, 22:58
Welcome to the site Donald and congratulations on your own site. I was a bit disappointed that I was unable to find a link to SN, so you must have it hidden somewhere as I'm sure you would have done us that courtesy.

7th January 2007, 13:57
Welcome Donald to the site of SN, enjoy it and as stated a link to SN would be appreciated by all.