The Grand Princess

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This is The Inaugral of the Grand Princess back in '97. The biggest cruise ship of the time - then they just kept building. The naming ceremony was in New york, and was named by Olivier d'havilland. I was there, and served Lord and Lady sterling nibbles in the bar.(Thumb)

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Heres one more picture from the naming ceremony.

9th January 2007, 00:18
Hi Louise

You have got one up on me. I have yet to do a naming ceremony. I was present for the Baltic / Suffolk renaming.
I have seen these three ships, all either arriving and leaving Rotterdam. They come very close to the ship where we are berthed. Pretty big.



9th January 2007, 17:12
This was a huge ship,and if i had not have joined it, i would never have met colin.
We spent 10 days in New York. I had the best times on these ships(Thumb)

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Ok from left to right....

3 of the lounges on the Grand Princess,

skywalkers disco - with smoking travelator up to it
Snookers sports bar with pool tables on the ceiling (or deckhead to you shippies)
And Sabatinis italian bistro

Posh enough for you all???