Canon 75 - 300 zoom lens

4th January 2015, 15:28
Trying to photograph the Hoegh Osaka with my Canon EOS 30D and
75 -300 zoom lens.
When I pressed the tit, the lens would not move or focus.
Both are 8 years old. Could it just be old age or is there a more technical problem

4th January 2015, 15:30
Has it the manual switch been accidentally enabled on the lens barrel?

Mad Landsman
4th January 2015, 15:40
First thing - switch between manual and auto a couple of times to check the switch.
Then -check the mount contacts are clean.
Can you focus manually?
Is it the same at all focal lengths?

I had a problem with a Canon EF lens which shut down the camera when trying to shoot at full zoom. It turned out to be a broken ribbon cable inside which I had to source and replace - cheaper than a new lens.

4th January 2015, 16:39
Thanks gentlemen
Seems OK now after I polished all the contacts.
But the pictures I did manage were crap anyway as the casualty was too far
away even for the 300 end

4th January 2015, 16:45
Glad you have resolved the problem

Mad Landsman
4th January 2015, 16:52
Happy if it was of some help(Thumb)

8th January 2015, 20:41
When I occasionally get a fault code show up on my camera, the first thing I do is to turn off, remove and refit the lens, then turn on again. This always sorts it .....

30th March 2015, 14:31
Have now sort of decided to upgrade my 9 year old Canon 30d.
Consulted four Internet camera dealers for advice and recommendations on a replacement.
I mentioned that I only wanted a camera similar to my 30D. No videos or movies and definitely no telephone.
They all said that every digital camera now has those facilities and the nearest to my requirements was the Canon 70D. at 750.
The most any of them offered in PE was 70 and Jessops offered a derisory 26.
Should I soldier on with my 30D which I think is a little tired or go for some other make that can offer a camera without bells and whistles ?
Your learned advice would be most welcome

Peter Raw
31st March 2015, 08:22
George,I've just upgraded from a 30D to a 70D. A definite improvement not least of all the touchscreen/viewfinder. There are quite a few videos on You tube on the 70D,have a look. As regards the 30D I can't even give it away !!

31st March 2015, 08:53
Thanks Peter. All I want really is the modern version of my Box Brownie which I thought the 20D and 30D was.
I only take still picturs of ships in the Solent, a few of the grandchildren and the cat.
I dont want video or movies but can't find a decent DSLR that doesn't have these facilities. Perhaps I should go back to the camera mentioned above which
I was keeping in case it became an antique

Frank P
31st March 2015, 09:34
A few months ago my 30D stopped working due to my use of a non Canon lens, I sold the non working body for parts on ebay for 51. A working 30D body in good condition sells on ebay for around 90.

31st March 2015, 10:22
Got a Nikon 1 for work and I'm really impressed with it - it was actually a customer return off ebay with a full guarantee - tend to use it more than the D200 for holidays etc as it's easier to lug round and, unless you're blowing up to A0 size no difference in quality.

31st March 2015, 16:39
The only comment I would make is that if you change to another manufacturer (Nikon) you will also have to purchase a Nikon Lens. If you stay with Canon, then your 75-300 lens will still work.

If you are happy with the images produced by your 30D, why change?

31st March 2015, 16:49
Thanks Barry.
I feel my 30D is a bit tired (it is 9 years old) and I would like to upgrade but don't want video or movies.
I have discovered the Canon 50D which seems suitable and am in discussion with my local camera shop about price and part exchange. (Not holding my breath over the latter !)

31st March 2015, 16:58
Hello George I am no expert with cameras, just a user, however I have had some excellent results from a finepix HS20EXR.
For me it replaces the binoculars the zoom is amazing.
There are many settings which I ignore just set it on any of the auto
settings and snap away.Regards (R)

Farmer John
1st April 2015, 22:21
Slightly different angle of thought, but for a very small portion of what you are considering spending, you could buy a good (and do try a good one) 2x adaptor for your current set-up, and get closer pictures. Just a thought.

2nd April 2015, 09:12
Thanks John but feel my 30D is getting a bit old (9 this month).
Canon tell me that every one of their DSLR's have a video function but I could ignore it ! Like buying a car with eight seats when I only ever use four.