Hi Anyone sailed with Andrew Griffin

11th January 2007, 23:48

I'm Andrew Griffin's daughter and just wondered if there was anyone who sailed with my Dad. I've entered a message on the Wellpark thread but I wondered if there was anyone from the Cast Puffin or any other ships.

The reason I mentioned the Cast Puffin was that was the only ship that I got to visit and stay over on board. I have really fond memories of the crew and their wives, especially the ones that gave me tab nabs !!

My Dad died in August of last year 2 days after his 55th birthday after over 10 years fighting Cancer and since then it has been really nice to look through his sea things and old photo's seeing him fit, healthy and usually having a laugh !

Would love to hear from any of you


11th January 2007, 23:57
Welcome to the site Carmel, hope you find what you are looking for.


john shaw
12th January 2007, 00:00
hello- welcome and good luck-- you could also try http://www.mowbars.plus.com. regards.

12th January 2007, 08:37
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the Voyage

12th January 2007, 09:36

A warm welcome to SN from me too.

I've posted a couple of messages in the Wellpark thread in response to yours and I dearly hope that some of us ex-Denholm personnel will have some memories to share with you.

Best wishes, (Thumb)

12th January 2007, 13:11
Hi Carmel,

I was on Wellpark at the time of the rescue. I have some nice photos of your Dad at the time which were never included in the Denholm magazine as I had stayed on the ship a couple of months more. Jo Wall used some of them in her film, but I have many more, so if you can give me a few weeks I will try and edit them/clean the images up a bit and get them across to you. There are some good ones of him too at the Crossing the Line ceremony we had a couple of weeks before the rescue, but I should warn you he is dressed in a fashion you might not be accustomed to!

I also posted copies of my letters to my mum and dad on http://www.myspace.com/isatip, see BLOG section and ignore the rest! which describe life at sea for a cadet from the time of being assigned to the ship and up until after the refugees left in Kaohsiung.

Tagging onto my 'love' story on Wellpark, I spent Christmas and New Year in Montreal with the extended family of my girlfriend. It was the first time I had seen them in 28 years. It was amazing. I have never, ever been made to feel so special. And I know that every one of the 'refugees' would have treated every one of the Wellpark crew the same!

12th January 2007, 13:23

See if you recognise your Dad here.......a clue, Second from left


I'll be in touch soon with many more!


12th January 2007, 14:40
Carmel a warm welcome to the site as you can see information comes forth very quickly on SN. Bon voyage.

12th January 2007, 18:43
Thanks, I saw the picture and spotted Dad straight away. I have a similar one. Dad was a story teller at the best of times so he liked telling the ones when he had been a bit mad !

13th January 2007, 11:32
Just a few (nice) photos of Andrew (Drew) Griffin 2/O m/V Wellpark, October 1978:

13th January 2007, 12:01
Just a few (nice) photos of Andrew (Drew) Griffin 2/O m/V Wellpark, October 1978

13th January 2007, 15:59

Thank You - Thank You - Thank You !!!
It's very kind of you to dig those out, going to get Dad's ticket books so I can put on other ships he sailed on and he has quite a few photo's, and a lot of the Wellpark, thought I might put the front cover of the Denholm issue on as he's on the cover.

To everyone - This is such a great site, gutted we never found it sooner, whoever thought of it or helps run it - its such a good idea as in the days before email the only way to keep in touch if you were a sailor was through letter and from what dad said you make such good mates on board even on short trips its a shame to loose touch.
Carmel x

14th January 2007, 00:09
Well I probably should have done my homework before starting this thread but better late than never.

Also thank you to all you sailors for humouring me on your very special site. Had a little look through some of the other threads and just wanted to say that the stories are great and if any of you have wifes/partners and kids that role their eyes with another sea story - from my point of view I now cherish them and you all have had more experiences in one year at sea that most people have in a lifetime. Someone said of my Dad he didn't have a life cut short he had a life completed in a short amount of time - not sure I agree with that but you sailors definately have a life and a half !

Anyway back to the list of dad's ships from his discharge books:

As a deck cadet Aug 69 - Oct 69
City of Brisba, City of Wellington, City of Oxford, City of Hull, City of Liverpool.

As a 3rd mate for Ellerman City Liners
Cityof Singapore (April-Aug 72), MV Athenian (Feb 73), MV Silvio (Mar-Apr 73), MV Sangro (May 73), MV Sorrento (May-June 73), MV City of Newcastle (June - Sept 73), MV City of London (Nov 73 - Apr 74)

As a 2nd Mate for Ellerman City Liners
MV Athenian (Apr - May 74), City of Guildford (July - Aug 74), City of Colombo (Aug - Nov 74), City of Hull (Nov - Dec 74),

City of Ripon (Jan - Apr 75) This is a special one as I was born when Dad was onboard and he was allowed to come home !
City of Oxford (May 75), City of St Albans (July 75), City of Lancaster (Aug 75), City of Newcastle (Mar - Aug 76)

3rd mate on MV Burmah Agate (Nov 76 - Feb 77), MV Burmah Garnet (Feb - May 77)

2nd Mate for Denholm
MV Nordic Texas (Aug 77 - Feb 78), Wellpark (July -Nov 78), MV Nordic Louisiana (Jan - Apr 79), MV Dalma (Sept 79 - Feb 80), MV Cast Osprey (May - Sept 80), MV Cast Skua (Dec 80 - Apr 81), MV Cast Cormorant (Aug 0 Nov 81), MV Cast Puffin - I stayed on board with mam and brother when docked at Rotterdam (Feb - June 82), MSV Stena Seaspread (Sept - Nov 82) (Aug 83 - May 84), MSV Stena Inspector (Jan - Mar 83), Bar Protector (May - June 84)

2nd Mate for Swedish Caledonian Marine / Northern Marine Management
Moray Harstad (July 84 - Dec 86), MV Sound Truck (Dec 86 - Mar 88)

1st Mate / Chief Officer / Master (not sure what they all mean so have lumped them together ) for Northern Marine Management

MV Sea Truck (Mar 88), Superflex Foxtrot (June 88), Strath Furrar (Oct - Nov 88), Stena Constructor (Nov 88 - Jan 89), Stena Seawell (Jan - Feb 89), Stena Constructor (Mar 89 - Mar 92)

Mate / Master for Tidewater Marine working out of Quaibo Olifield, Nigeria
Royal Service (May 92 - Nov 94)

Andy Lucas
29th June 2009, 17:20

I was very sorry to read your request but might I add my little bit to your fathers story.
I met Andy at Grimsby Pre Sea College 1968 and for the 12 months we vied for top of the class. He lived in Immingham if I remember. We then both left and went to South Shields College to study Nautical Science. I dropped out and went to sea with Ellerman Lines where he carried on. We were both in ECL and our paths crossed and although a little cloudy I remember a few beers and plenty of stories from our then short pasts.

I never met your dad again until Qua Iboe Terminal 1990's where I was a Barge Master working out of there and we met at the Mobil Helicopter Pad traveling to our respective vessels and it was as if we had never been apart!

I was pleased to have known your dad - he was always good for a ' cracking tale'

Andy Lucas

30th June 2009, 21:49
Hi Andy

Thanks so much for taking the time to add to memories of my Dad.

He always had a tale to tell. He did come from Immngham, unfortunately all of Dad's immediate family have also died so I don't have anyone down there anymore.

He met my mum in South Shields so that might have a lot to do with why he stuck around !!

It nice to hear that you met up after so many years and could still crack on, I hope you are well and in good health.

Best wishes
Carmel xx

30th June 2009, 21:59
"I never met your dad again until Qua Iboe Terminal 1990's where I was a Barge Master working out of there "...

Andy, was your barge by any chance the African Seaworker?

Best Regards,

Roddie MacKenzie.

Andy Lucas
1st July 2009, 21:22
You got it in one!! I was on ASW for 11 years mainly in Qua Iboe as I think you know!

1st July 2009, 23:26

I was on FPSO VI off Calabar and FSO XV off PH for about 12 years from 1992, so our crewchange paths probably crossed here and there, if not I certainly remember meeting other ASW troops on the way to and from UK. I certainly remember your name.

Books could be written of what went on down there, and even on the crewchanges.

All the Best,


Andy Lucas
2nd July 2009, 08:43

I was on the Installer 1 at the installation of the 'Berge Pilot'
and that was pre Health & Safety!! when you could push the envelope a little.
There was some filming which took place during the installation, that would be an eye opener for safety courses.

I feel sure we met in the bar at Qua Iboe and Red Horse etc.

Managed to finish my W.Africa adventures in 2004 after 5 years in Equitorial Guinea on the 'Offshore Base'

Push the envelope now mainly in the Humber for UK Dredging
Andy Lucas