Cyprian Coast

12th January 2007, 06:32
Hello All,
I'm new on here and wondered if any of you lads have any information on "Cyprian Coast" ex-"Alnwick" I believe she was. I heard she was reduced to a hulk during a fire at Newcastle Quay. Can anyone tell me if that's correct and what the cause of the fire was? I'm doing a 'bio' on my dads sea career spanning 26 years and 46 ships and "Cyprian Coast" is a real riddle.
Thanks for any help. John Wilson in Canada

12th January 2007, 08:35
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john shaw
12th January 2007, 09:06
Hello and welcome.The ship is here:

12th January 2007, 10:05

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I hope you thoroughly enjoy the SN experience and get many happy hours entertainment from your membership.
I'm pleased to see that John Shaw has already produced some information for you on Cyprian Coast. (Thumb)

12th January 2007, 14:47
Welcome John from the old country, enjoy the SN experience like we do. Bon voyage.

marine master
12th January 2007, 19:14
Cyprian Coast was sunk off the quayside after being hit by a another ship (maybe T.I.C. dredger) which was travelling down river. I think Mid 50s. Cyprian coast was leaving the berth and turning in the river, and was hit broadside, sinking quickly. Fred Henderson will probably have more detail.

Michael one
22nd January 2010, 18:29
During 1968 Cyprian Coast was still used by Coast Lines Company Limited, Tyne Tees was her main company

bert thompson
22nd January 2010, 21:03
Perhaps false but remember being told that Customs fined the ship,or members of the crew, for undeclared spirits.

Tony D
22nd January 2010, 21:27
Indeed Cyprian Coast sank at the Newcastle Quayside after colliding with one of the Bridge Piers,as a young lad I watched them raise her and a few years later I sailed on her sister Netherlands Coast for nine months, I have a photo of her after she was raised looking a bit of a wreck tied up at Newcastle Quay some where on my hard disk ,see if I can find it.

22nd January 2010, 22:32
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

Les Gibson
22nd January 2010, 23:49
Cyprian Coast sank after being hit in midriver by a TIC boat, not after colliding with bridge pier.

22nd January 2010, 23:59
I have a photo of her after she was raised looking a bit of a wreck t

Here's your photo

Later: Seems like the date was 23-12-1955

Tony D
23rd January 2010, 10:27
That account seems to be suspended Mr Zelo?,pity the photograph I mentioned must have been on another hard disk, had a few of those crash on me over the years.
Wasn't a very good photo anyway think it was scanned from the Local Evening paper at the time.
I do recall admiring the Divers working on Cyprian coast in that water considering the Tyne was a open sewer then and the vessel lay on her side right next to a sewer outfall.
I think there were three Coast Boats working for the Tyne Tees Shipping Company from the Tyne at that time,Cyprian Frisian and Netherlands, we shared the Amsterdam Rotterdam back to Gateshead Quay run with one of them can't remember which one now.