ozzie Rod

9th January 2015, 08:33
Rod "Time Machine" Taylor R.I.P

9th January 2015, 09:21
R.I.P Rod Taylor. A fine entertaining actor.

9th January 2015, 09:36
Yes, I love watching The Time Machine every few months or so when it comes on the TV. He played the main role very well and with intelligence. It seems Lawrence Olivier visited Sydney in 1948 and the 17-year-old Rod was inspired to go into acting as a result of that. In about 1959 he was offered this first film role, and it should play forever, I guess. Thanks Rod, and R.I.P.

Bill Morrison
9th January 2015, 19:33
The Liquidator 1965. He played the hapless secret service hit man in a great cast. Another one of a great era gone.

13th January 2015, 22:24
rod taylor.fine actor.may he rest in peace,regards ben27