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14th January 2015, 12:48
I was born in Liverpool 1958 and grew up watching and recognising all the funnels and shipping lines as they sailed up the Mersey. I had a school classroom that has a few gaps where you could see every ship come any go between the buildings - near Blundellsands, and a new swimming pool build nearby. My main quest here, is to find reference to my mothers Father. My Grandfather George Mackay. Chief Engineer on the Leyland line. he sailed on the Hanovarian, renamed later White Star, Cretic and again later renamed Leyland line, Devonian. But I know he sailed to Shanghai too pre WW2.. My other Grandfather was Andrew Dall ( luckily avoided a junior engineer post on the Titanic ), and my father John Dall ( NZ Shipping Company, Gladstone docks, Insurance estimations )
Regards Iain Mackay Dall

Any memories, or connections are welcome

14th January 2015, 13:17
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14th January 2015, 13:43

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fred henderson
14th January 2015, 15:51
A warm welcome to SN. I assume that you have seen the photographs of Hanoverian in later life that are in the SN Gallery: -


14th January 2015, 16:06
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15th January 2015, 01:48
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15th January 2015, 04:42
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