RMS Rangitiki

28th November 2004, 00:55
Does anyone have any info on the Rangitiki...I was only 4 and a half when I sailed on her for 6 weeks...so only vague recolections...Would love to get a passenger list...landed in Wellington NZ on June 2n 1962

28th November 2004, 18:58
There is a site called I think,The Ships' List which might do just that or help to some extent.It also gived fleet details.
Better still,an excellent site on the ship herself;

www.pnc.com.au/~byceme/ rangitiki/RANGITIKI.htm.Just Copy and Paste the link onto your Address Bar.

Or another with a colour shot of her in London;

www.australiatrade.com.au/.../ Rangitiki.htm

18th August 2005, 22:43
Hello. A site is now available for the Rangitiki at http://www.rms-rangitiki.com/. Ken.