ex cunard at sea and ashore

pamela brown
15th January 2015, 14:38
I am working for Liverpool City Council and Cunard to try and find ex Cunard people (prior to 1967 when Cunard pulled out of Liverpool.
The 3 Queens are visiting on May 25th and also July 4th 175 years celebrations. "We" are hoping to undertake an Education project with stories (printable !!!) life at the time.... all ranks and if poss shore staff.

Also between the two dates there will be a service at St Nicks Church (on the waterfront Liverpool) for the 175 years of Cunard. All are welcome but I need contact email or home address phone number to enable me to have an invite issued.

Man y thanks.
Pamela. (Brown )

15th January 2015, 14:46
Welcome aboard Pamela. I hope you find what you are searching for.
The Queen Mary was my first ship, in 1964. I was a Bridge Boy on her.
I re-joined her briefly in 1967, and worked a passage home on the Queen Elizabeth from NY to Southampton later that same year.

15th January 2015, 14:49
On behalf of the 'SN Moderating Team', welcome aboard Pamela.

In line with site policy, I have deleted your e-mail address for your own security to prevent unsolicited e-mails. Members can contact you via the sites Private Message system where you can disclose your e-mail address and other contact, and visa a versa. But it is not a good idea on the open forum.

Hopefully, Cunard members will be in contact. Good luck with your celebrations.

15th January 2015, 15:33
I was with Cunard from 1959 to 1964 and worked on QM and QE .I also met my wife on the RMS Carmania when we sailed out of Southhampton Timaru(BOB)

15th January 2015, 16:56
Greetings Pam and welcome to SN. I was on QE(1) for a number of years as an engineer. Bon voyage.

pamela brown
15th January 2015, 21:13
Is there anyway of knowing who you are? I do not have an Engineer of the list for from the Educational point of view? Pamela.

15th January 2015, 21:32
Hi Pamela welcome aboard I was on the Saxonia in 59, (Carmania),
Ivernia, (Franconia), Mauretainia, Caronia, Queen Mary, don't know if this helps, all the best chas.