Hello! Pleased to be aboard!

16th January 2015, 01:55
G'day all from Boston,

So pleased to join your forum. I formerly served on the Boards of the SS United States Conservancy (founding board member) and the Steamship Historical Society of America. My primary focus these days is collecting and sharing material related to SS Leviathan. I've been fortunate to acquire a large amount of original material on Vaterland/Leviathan from the estate of Frank Braynard and have recently established a group on Facebook where I am sharing this material (as fast as I can scan it!) including original materials going all the way back to 1913 including construction photos from Blohm & Voss, Vaterland maiden voyage materials, photos and other materials related to the ship's service as USS Leviathan and still later materials on her conversion to and service life as United States Lines' SS Leviathan. Hope to see some of you with an interest in the Big L (as I call her) over on Facebook and I'm delighted to also participate in this forum.


Richard Rabbett

16th January 2015, 02:40
You have material for the ship herself! Lucky indeed! Leviathan is a favorite of mine, but I also feel bad for her, since she never got the attention her sister ships got. Unfortunately much of that was because she was a dry ship. I hope to see many things from you in the future, perhaps I can still learn things about Leviathan...


16th January 2015, 08:18
On behalf of the 'SN Moderating Team', welcome aboard Richard.

In line with site rules, I have deleted your facebook link.

16th January 2015, 23:33
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

17th January 2015, 15:15
Greetings Richard and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.