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Gillian DB1
20th January 2007, 16:53
I had the luxury of travelling with my dad ( new deceased) during the 1960s on 2 tankers. One was named Warbah and the other was Border Keep. I saw from an earlier posting that Warbah, not surprisingly was scrapped and I have no doubt so have all the Border vessels. Anyone any pictures or serve on these ships.

20th January 2007, 17:12
Gillian DB1,
Firstly welcome to SN. I hope you enjoy the site.
There are 3 photos of the Border Keep on the following site I have not been able to find any of the Warbah. There has been another ship by that name since your fathers which is now called Umm Ruwaisat. That however would not be the one.

20th January 2007, 17:15
Gillian DB1,
I forgot to look at our gallery first. There are loads of photos of Warbah in it.
Just go to the gallery and use search and you will find them.

Gillian DB1
20th January 2007, 17:23
Thanks Hawkey01. Have done and great memories!

20th January 2007, 17:53
Gillian DB1,

A warm welcome to SN from Anglesey!
I hope you thoroughly enjoy the SN experience and get many happy hours entertainment from your membership.
Glad to see you are already getting some response to your query. (Thumb)

21st January 2007, 01:56
Welcome from Tasmania Gillian, good to see you are getting results already, please enjoy the site.

21st January 2007, 12:32
Hi Gillian,

Put Common Brothers into the site's search engine and you may find more stuff of interest. Enjoy the site.

John T.

21st January 2007, 14:15
Hiya Gillian, thanks for joining SN enjoy the site and all it has to offer. Bon voyage.

21st January 2007, 15:08
Welcome aboard Gillian glad youve found some answers already some site eh!

21st January 2007, 21:40
Welcome to SN from Lancashire Gillian.

I am sure you will get some good help from the membership.

I see you are a dietician - I suspect many of the members would present you with some significant challenges - me included!

Enjoy the site.