Watts Watts, Fort Spokane.

20th January 2015, 20:36
My Dad, Ken Kennedy sailed in Fort Spokane in 1945 or 1946. He only did a couple of trips to Poland from London Docks, carrying ex MOD Bedford lorries, canned foodstuff, coffee etc. I believe he sailed as 3rd mate, possibly 2nd mate, but as he had spent most of the war in deep laden tankers, he always said that the rolling of this vessel was horrendous by comparison. He was glad to get ashore when he signed off. Unfortunately, his records covering this period are missing, so I don't know the full details. Does any body have any information about this ship under Watts Watts management? I have her history from the time she was built in Canada, and her change of name when sold to Buries Marques. Any information would be very welcome. Thank you.