Museum ship models

hasse neren
25th January 2007, 17:41
Here is a link to great ships models in museums.

26th January 2007, 00:01
I bet that link was studied closely by the person that stole the large model ship from a museum in the UK. Let's hope he isn't working his way through the website!


26th January 2007, 00:30
The stolen model was taken from the Williamson Art Gallery, Slatey Road, Birkenhead. I used to spend many hours admiring these models - it was one of the places where I lurked when bunking off school!


26th January 2007, 09:39
I remember that the museum is South Shields had quite a few of these large models on display. As a boy I used to spend time gazing at them and imagining myself walking about the decks. I suppose that fascination was another one of the factors that got me to go to sea.....

26th January 2007, 10:06
I suppose some of the best ships models were in the offices of shipping companies. Ocean Fleets had quite a few in their offices. The best I have seen are at Museo de Naval in Madrid. This is the worlds oldest naval museum(1792). A great place to visit if you are ever visiting this city.
Museo Naval de Madrid
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