25th January 2007, 22:32
I was Junior Lecky on the Melampus on the last voyage through Suez [Northbound] June 1967.

For many years I have attempted to contact ex Crew Members from that voyage.[Not Standby Crew].

It is now the 40th year, I have managed to locate the 4th Engineer [Graham Mc Morine] the 6th Engineer [Walter Barclay] and I am now "hot on the trail of" the Senior Electrician [Jimmy Graham].

This week the 4th Engineer[Graham Mc Morine] made contact with a Phil Saul via "ships nostalgia". Phil was visiting the UK from his now native NZ. Phil was the a Junior Engineers Steward on the Melampu and the youngest crew member.

We all had a few drinks a explored the depths of our 40 year memories however we are in contact with Walter Barclay via email .

Phil Saul
1st February 2007, 23:52
Hi John,
Arrived home last night and still pretty groggy from jet-lag.
It was fantastic meeting up with yourself and Graham and I was disappointed that I had to cancel the second meeting due to other family committments.
That Tuesday night at the pub in Nantwich really flew by and it was great being able to fill in the bits that are missing from my memory by talking to you guys.
Keep me posted if you manage to contact anyone else who was in the canal.
When going through Mums stuff I have found other photos, etc , relating to that time so I will post them on this site when I get the time.
I will keep in touch with both yourself and Graham through this site.
All the best

4th February 2007, 20:40
Hi Phil.
Glad to hear you arrived home in NZ ok.
Our brief re-union was great espescially having a look at the photographs of the rescued Egyption soldiers in the "Bum Boats" that were utilised to rescue them out of the Sinia Desert. I have quite a few photographs that I need to process to .jpg from 35mm format.

I am hot on the trail of Jimmy Graham the Senior Electrician he is a member of the Nestorian association.

Keep in touch