P&O Arcadia (present vessel)

ian keyl
23rd January 2015, 22:19
Can anyone please tell me where if at all I can find the history of voyages which this vessel has undertaken since she was launched.
In particular i m looking for a voyage she did to the Caribbean from New Orleans. Many Thanks Ian.

24th January 2015, 12:24
Hello Ian,

This may refer to the voyage you mention (see third paragraph - http://www.neworleansonline.com/pr/releases/releases/British%20Cruise%20Ship%20Makes%20Port%20Call.pdf


ian keyl
24th January 2015, 13:52
Chosen Dennis,
Many thanks for the article which you posted ,it is the very thing i was looking for,whilst we were in New Orleans we had to move berth down river from the main town berth to an old wreck of a berth and godown which was falling apart. The quay had holes in it and was hickville. The main reason for us having to move was to vacate the berth for a Carnaval vessel which had priority to P&O. That night whilst we were on the new berth a string of barges coming upstream got loose and several hit the Carnaval vessel and cut a 16 ft hole in the hull ,so all the passengers had to disembark and the cruise was abandoned.
I am not tight but the other reason is that we were delayed by 9 hours leaving Manchester due to Thomas crap Airline charter to P&O . Well there was a programme on TV the other night which says if you had serious delays to a flight you could still claim years later under European charter 261/2004/6?? from the airline if the flight originated from European airports.
Well we lost a whole day in NO which we had paid for but never got any luck out of P&O nor Thomas crap. Sop I will try my luck. Many thanks for your help most grateful, Keep her steady Ian.

24th January 2015, 14:18
Glad to be able to help Ian.
Good luck with your claim. Casually mention you are considering hiring a fleet of American lawyers to recoup costs plus interest and damages for the emotional harm it has left you scarred with - could be worth millions.