24th January 2015, 21:50
Good Morning All,

I am joining this forum because I am compiling a family history.
My father was a Marine Engineer for 32 years and I am trying to trace the circumstances surrounding his last ship - the S S Volendam that was torpedoed of The Irish Coast on July 29th., 1940. I suspect that he was serving as 3rd Engineer aboard that ship, taking evacuee children to Canada. to confirm this I would like to get a copy of the crew list at the time of the incident. or if there are any surviving relatives of the engineering group, I would like to contact them.
Any Clues??

24th January 2015, 22:45
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Hopefully, someone will be able to help with the information you are seeking. Good luck (Thumb)

24th January 2015, 22:56
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24th January 2015, 23:07
I have checked the vessel Volendam which appears to have been a steam passenger vessel Dutch flag, part of a convoy which was damaged and repaired in Liverpool. However the date given of the attack by a u boat is 31st Aug 1940 in a position North West of Ireland, I cannot find another vessel of that name either damaged or sunk in 1940.
Please confirm if possible that this vessel is the correct one in question.

25th January 2015, 14:32
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25th January 2015, 16:00
Volendam was torpedoed by the U-60. The only casualty was the Dutch purser Rijk Baron. The tug HMRT Salvonia towed the damaged Volendam and beached her on the Isle of Bute.

25th January 2015, 16:37
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25th January 2015, 20:13
Thank you fellow mariners. With each little bit of info I am able to update my records, and the file remains open.

Hugh MacLean
25th January 2015, 20:47
Welcome Bill,

VOLENDAM was a Dutch ship therefore not in the British registry during WW2 which means she wouldn't normally have any records held in the UK. However, as she was chartered by H.M. Government, her log books and crew ageements should be held at Kew in piece
BT 387/65. ( For some reason, unknown to me, the same piece appears duplicate in BT 387/66. ( however, you may need to check both to be sure.

Best to view/copy file by visit to Kew or via researcher as Kew copying service is expensive. If you need any further advice please make another post and we will try and help.


25th January 2015, 21:04
Volendam, Dutch registry, 15,345 gross tons, Liverpool for New York, general cargo, torpedoed 30 Aug 1940, 1 casualty, pos'n 56 11' N 9 50 W. Arrived Clyde in tow and beached Kames Bay, cargo discharged, left in tow Dec 12 1940, returned Rothesay Dec 13, dry docked Glasgow, subsequently towed Mersey for repairs.

Source - Lloyd's War Losses, Vol 2.

2nd February 2015, 23:28
To Hugh Maclean and all responding shipmates. I am pleased to let everyone know that I have found the missing link to my father`s last sea voyage. I have evidence to show that he was on the S S Volendam when it was torpedoed in 1940. I have a portion of the crew list with his name on it. I can now complete his part of the family history. Thanks for all your help