destroyer PRONZITELNY [Russian Navy]

28th January 2007, 20:49
I am researching destroyer PRONZITELNY [эсминцы ПРОНЗИТЕЛЬНЫЙ ],
built 1914.
She is variously described as
Gromki Class, Beskopoiny Class, Novik Class and Derzky Class.
Please can anyone confirm just what Class she actually was?
I believe the design was based
on NOVIK an earlier Novice Class destroyer.
Best Wishes, Raymond

28th January 2007, 21:08

I guess you already looked in Jane's Fighting Ships of WW1. In case you didn't there is just a reference to this ship saying that it was a destroyer in the Black Sea Section of the Russian Navy and that she was "lost during the war". Not very helpful at all.


28th January 2007, 21:28
She was scuttled at Sebastopol, to prevent access to the port and to prevent capture of the remaining 7 ships of the Russian Fleet. I had not yet seen Janes WWI - she was quite a ship. Thanks Brian,
Best wishes, Raymond

29th January 2007, 03:42
I have just spent a while searching in Russian (Cyrillic script) and I have come across a Russian site that clearly sets her as Derzky Class, and other sites support that. Her companion destroyer Kerch was the fastest ship built then, and she sank more tonnage than any other destroyer in WWI, trouble was, the ships she sank were Russian. Flags were changed any number of times even during a day. Thanks. Best Wishes, Raymond

27th April 2008, 19:52
Hi, there are plans of this destroyer, free in a russian web page
the page is in russian, but with good plans, enjoy them:)


fred henderson
27th April 2008, 21:59
I have a Jane’s 1914 reprint which is not very helpful, but there is much more in Conway’s “All the Worlds Fighting Ships 1906/1921. This book states that Novik was a lone, experimental design built by the Putilov Yard in St Petersburg with design support from the German Vulkan Yard. In its time it was the fastest ship in the world. The follow-on production destroyers were smaller and very different to Novik (only three funnels for starters) so the plan of Norvik is not of help to you.
Nine destroyers were ordered under the 1911 Programme. These are classified by Conway’s as the Bespokoiny class. Both Vulkan/Putilov and Vickers/Nikolayev Navy Yard were given design contracts. All Baltic built ships were to the Vulkan design and Black Sea ships to the Vickers design. The main external difference between the two designs was that the Vulkan ships had round funnels and the Vickers ships oval section ones. Four ships were built by Nikolayev Navy Yard; Bespokoiny and Gnevkny were launched on 31 October 1913; Derzki and Pronzitelny were launched on 15 March 1914. The Baltic boats were over a year late; the first of them being Gromki.
Conway’s gives the following specification for the Nikolayev Navy Yard destroyers: -
Displacement: 1,100 tons normal; 1,320 tons full load
Dimensions: 321ft 6in x 30ft 6in x 10ft 6in
Machinery: 2 shafts; Brown-Boveri turbines; 5 Thornycoft boilers 25,500shp = 34 knots (design); Oil fuel 350 tons
Armament: 3 x 4in/60caliber; 2 x 47mm AA; 4 x MG; 10 x 18 in torpedo tubes (5 x 2); 80 mines
Complement: 125
In fact none of these ships achieved their design speed.
I hope that this is helpful.

28th April 2008, 00:15

in the book "soviet warship development", by Breyer, stated the Gromkiy destroyer as small Novik destroyer,on this book there are a plan view and inboard profile of this ship.
There are plans of the Sampson destroyer, similar to Gromkiy, on this page

I hope this is helpful