3rd February 2015, 11:26
Hello to you all
I have just joined ships nostalgia to-day my 75th birthday.
just browsing before and pick up on a member of the Northumberland
who was on in when the deck cargo went on fire in the Red sea
I was on the ship at that time.
I joined the ship with captain Alderman. He wanted to fly the Blue Ensign and needed another R.N.R. crew member to be able to do so. I was that man . I have sailed under the Red White and Blue Ensign.
the R.N.R was disbanded for the Merchant Navy in 1957.So he could
only fly the Blue Ensign for the one voyage.
I have built a 11ft Model of the Northumberland and sailed it across
the River Mersey in 1973. Sponsored by P&O
I hope this little intro is O.K .
I hope to hear from ex shipmates Soon

3rd February 2015, 12:34
Greetings marbledon and welcome to SN.Nice intoduction you have given. Bon voyage.

3rd February 2015, 14:44
Happy birthday too!

jg grant
3rd February 2015, 20:43
Hello and welcome from New Zealand. Can you post a picture of your model?

3rd February 2015, 23:33
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

4th February 2015, 15:57
Welcome aboard marbledon. Great introduction. Hopefully, you will find former shipmates. Good luck (Thumb)

5th February 2015, 10:34
Hello Shipmates
Thanks for the welcome, I will post a photo of the model of the Northumberland
crossing the River Mersey .( when I find out how to do it)
Just to add to the intro I was 16 years in the T.A. as a tank driver
and had my own truck continental driving mainly to Greece (Piraeus)

5th February 2015, 10:47
Hello Shipmates
I am trying to attach a photo to this message (age thing)

10th February 2015, 00:12
good day marlledon.m.3ed aboard and happy birthday.may you have many more,regards ben27