Seamen's club in Genova 1968

7th February 2015, 10:07
Hello everyone,
As a cadet working on board of a general cargo ship in late 60's, I had few lovely days in Genova (I was 17 years old)... I am planning to visit Genova this summer and wonder where was the seaman's club building on those days and if anyone who remember can point this site on a map....
Thanks for any help.
Joseph Soffer

7th February 2015, 10:16
On behalf of the 'SN Moderating Team', welcome aboard Joseph.

Hopefully, someone will be able to help with the information you are seeking. Good luck (Thumb)

7th February 2015, 14:41
Greetings Joseph and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

7th February 2015, 22:16
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

8th February 2015, 01:45
Hi Joseph, I remember the old Seamans Club in Genoa. I did several trips to Genoa in 1959 and seem to remember that it was in an old palace of the Doria family who were a "noble" family of Genoa. That was 55 years ago, doubt it is still there now though. A nice club with some nice ladies. Have a look on Google. Welcome to the site.


8th February 2015, 18:22
Didn't the Mission post a list of places to AVOID in Genoa, or was that some other place.
Remember the Black Cat and the New Mexico in 1964 from Santos Star trips.

A few years later went on a trip round Europe in an old Land Rover with some school friends who were at university. I got them to camp outside Genoa and took them to see "Blood Alley". They couldn't believe that these sort of places existed.
Reckon I had the more interesting education :)

Chris Isaac
8th February 2015, 18:37
I visited Genoa a few times. The padre used to organise skiing trips to cervinia in the Italian Alps. I went once, great time

8th February 2015, 20:22
There was an Apostulas of the Sea club in Genoa then further along was the Seamens Club at or in the beginning of the Dirty Half Mile. I recall a bar Pat and Nicks run by Italians who had lived for a long period in the States, Nick who appeared to be on his last legs with what I considered was Cancer.
He used to tell us that he was ex Mafia and had at least 6 blokes he had to get rid of before he died, never knew if he was serious or not. Nicks wife Pat was also ill we would sit at the bar and suddenly she would drop to her knees and vomit into a bucket under the counter. It seems very strange to me now that her illness did not put us off our beer we just sat there quite unconcerned. That was late 1965 and early 1966, things must have moved on by now.

Barrie Youde
8th February 2015, 20:50
My recollection of Genoa is when we called, homeward bound from Australia, when I was still aged 16 in January 1960.

I knew enough to know that Sophia Loren was highly attractive, but unfortunately she was not in evidence. And so we walked the streets fom bar to bar until the point where I knew that I could not ingest any more alcohol. I was the junior of four Middies. Number three was Patrick Duff (still not eighteen at the time). When the two Seniors (plus Patrick) stated that more alcohol was required, I remember vividily crying, "For Christ's sake, Pat, you are perverted!" - and joining in, nonetheless.

What happened next, I cannot remember.

Bill Morrison
8th February 2015, 20:50
I can't remember the Seamens Club but I do remember late 1969 the ship's agent informed the Captain that there was a friendly football match between one of the local teams and Santos of Brazil and would there be any interest in members of the crew attending. As the great Pele was in that team not surprisingly nearly all the crew went just the watch keepers left on board. A large coach pick us up a transported to the ground. The terracing was rather steep but you did not stand as you would in the U.K. but sat on straw filled paper cushions which you had to purchase. It was a great experience to see one of the best footballers of that era. The score was 7-1 to Santos, Pele scored two goals and their left full back scored an own goal for the local outfit. It is what I remember most of my one time in Genoa apart from it being rather steep as you left the harbour area.

11th February 2015, 15:22
Hi.Wellcome to S/N ,All I can remember of Genoa was the bar the BLACK CAT. But that was back in Aug/Sept 53.Wellcome again. Narra

12th February 2015, 10:54
If I remember rightly the club was situated on the via Gramsci

12th February 2015, 12:02
Hi. Purserjuk. I can't recall to be honest all I can remember is the Black Cat and tying up stern end to the quay.Iwas on B P then the BRITISH PRUDENCE.all the best.Narra.