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General Forum Rules

Ships Nostalgia has always been a very friendly site but it is still good to have some basic guidelines in place for all to see.

Respect other members:
Remember: treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself.
Please do not post messages containing personal attacks. We encourage healthy debate but not slanging matches. There is a difference between disagreeing with an opinion and a personal attack, so please think before you post. So 'play the post, not the poster'.
We will remove posts that are abusive, disruptive, or out of context.
We have members from all around the world so please be sensitive to, and respectful of, the opinions, religions, traditions and cultures of others. Avoid racial, religious and political comments. This site is not a corner of a pub with a few mates, you cannot say whatever you want to, it is an international and very public forum.

Respect the general rules:
No offensive language and profanity. Posts to be conducted in English language only please. Do not include clickable e-mail addresses or phone numbers in your posts. If you need to include an e-mail address, please type it as example 'at', or better still communicate such information by Private Message.

Please stay on topic as far as possible. If you want to discuss a different subject, start a new thread - don't hijack someone else’s thread. Hint: If your comments don't match the title of the thread, you are probably off topic.
Do not crosspost. This means do not post the same message in more than one forum or thread.

No commercial posts in the forums. This is a post where someone with an interest in a company, business, or product promotes a product or service and provides a link, email address, or phone number for the purpose of selling the product or service.

Please do not use our forums for the sole purpose of promoting your personal website. eg. joining up and then posting 'please visit my website'. We do allow links to your website in a 'signature', but if it is to a commercial website, then you must not direct people to visit it in the main body of your post. Any signatures deemed excessive in length and size will be removed, so keep them to a reasonably small font size.

Our primary focus is building and nurturing the community. We respect that every forum has their own unique qualities of good and bad, however we ask that you do not use the website to promote other maritime discussion forums without express permission from the administrators. Conversely we ask that you do not use this site to bad-name or depreciate any other site or community. This makes for an overall more fair, healthy and friendly environment.

Only one account/identity per person:
Anyone found to be using more than one identity for mischievous purposes is likely to find themselves without any account at ShipsNostalgia. You will be found out if you do it! If you cannot log-in or have a problem, contact admin, do not create a new account.
We tend to merge new accounts into old ones, so if you post something controversial with a second account, it could end up in tears for you.
Respect the moderators:
Remember, all the moderators give their time freely and try to keep the peace and encourage fair and reasonable discussion. Please try to understand their decisions, which are always made in the interest of the forum and its members.
Do not post your grievances on the forums, if you have a problem you should contact a member of staff.

The Ships Nostalgia Team

User Maintenance
This section contains lots of information about maintaining your own user profile, avatars and browsing options etc.

General Forum Usage

Reading and Posting Messages

Support SN

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