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Lost Contact & Research Lost Touch with Friends, Crew, passengers etc. Try to find them here.

Looking for Old Shipmates

Lost contact with an old friend? Please leave a notice in here.
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Ship Research

Questions and Research Information on ships in here
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Maritime Family History Research

Martime Related Genealogy Help
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Maritime Trade Specific Forums Discussion forums for specific trades

The Radio Room

A forum for all radio officers & those interested.
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  • 6.2M

The Engine Room

A forum for all those interested in the work and life in the Engine Room
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The Bridge

A forum for all those interested in the work and life on the Bridge
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The Galley

A forum for all those interested in the work and life in the Galley
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Shipping Discussion

News and Views from the Shipping World

All ship and shipping topics in here
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Nautical Colleges

Reminisce Nautical College experiences.
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Bulk Carriers

Discussion forum for Bulk Carriers
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Discussion forum for Coasters
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Discussion forum for Colliers
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Container Vessels

Discussion forum for Container Vessels
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Discussion forum for Dredgers
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Discussion forum for Ferries
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Fishing Vessels

Trawlers, factory ships & any other fishing vessels
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Historic Shipping lines and Ships

In this forum are a few Great Historic lines and ships of the past, please add any you would like to see in here
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Model Ships

Discussion on model ships
5.1K 1.5M
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Modern Cruise Ships

Discussion forum for Modern Cruise Ships
2.4K 842K
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Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Discussion on drillships and suchlike
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Passenger Liners

Discussion forum for Passenger Liners
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Discussion forum for the RNLI
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Special Purpose Vessels

Heavy lift vessels, Cable layers, Research Vessels, Special purpose...etc,etc
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Tall ships

Discussion forum for Tall Ships
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Discussion forum for Tankers
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Tramp Steamers

Discussion forum for Tramp Steamers
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Discussion forum for Tugs
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Cruises & Cruising Click Here If You Wish To Join This Group

General Cruising Discussion

An area of the community set aside for cruise related discussion and media news articles affecting all cruise ships & lines
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Cruise Reviews

Member reviews of cruises
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Cruise Health & Safety Discussion & Advice

This area of the community is dedicated to safety aspects in the cruise industry. From travel alerts at destinations to weather problems and general safety news to Q&A about sickness or security on cruise ships, it can all be found here in one place.
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Cruise Ship & Ocean Liner Video Footage

This area is for VIDEO recordings of cruise ships and ocean liners only. Please remember to type a full description of which ship, when and where the video was recorded
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Weather Watch

Whether it be a hurricane in the Caribbean or a typhoon in the China Sea, we will try and keep you up to date with any problems and itinerary changes that could affect your cruise..
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Ship & Port Webcams

Most ships and ports have webcams that allow people to follow their everyday progress, this section is where you'll find many of them
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SN Directory Discussion Discussion on the SN Directory

SN Directory Discussion

Discussion area for articles in the Ships Nostalgia Directory.
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Ships Directory


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All Pages

All Pages
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Classifieds - For Sale or Wanted

Use this forum for sale, exchange or request of Shipping related items. NO TRADERS
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Vendor Deals

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Community Help Section

Community Help

If you are having an issue with the site, this is the place to post about it.
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Swinging The Lamp (Off Topic)

Cameras, Photography and Equipment

Discuss all photography and related subjects here.
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  • 506K

The Quiz Forum

The Shipsnostalgia Quiz Forum. Test the Nautical Knowledge of the members.
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Books, Magazines, TV, Video & Publications

Read Any? Watched Any? Recommend Any? Dislike Any? This is the place to let us know!
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Computers and The Internet

This is the place to ask questions and discuss the complex world of computer and internet issues.
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The Pig & Whistle

General Chit-Chat. Lightweight Off-topic Discussion, nothing political or heavy.
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Non-Seafaring Obituaries

Please show respect to the departed
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Stormy Weather

Off-topic Political & other touchy subjects. BEWARE: Think hard before entering, you will will think worse of many fellow members if you enter.
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  • 2.2M
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