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If you try and include too much in one Directory entry it can become cumbersome and unreadable. If you are going to talk about something that strays off the main subject it is better to put the additional matter in a separate Directory. Having done this you can insert a link or "Hotspot" to enable the reader to access the additional material.

Here are two examples of where this may be used:

  1. You are producing a Directory entry about famous voyages and want to refer to navigational instruments, You can put the “navigational instrument” material in a separate Directory entry and include a Hotspot to get to it in the “voyages” entry.
  2. There may be an existing Directory entry with information relevant to one you are producing. You can include a Hotspot to access it from your entry.

How to add the link[edit]

This is very easy – just follow these steps:

  1. Locate the SN Directory entry you want to provide the link to
  2. Select the page title using the mouse
  3. Copy the title to the clipboard using your favourite method (e.g. Right-click and Copy or <CTRL-C> )
  4. Open the SN Directory entry into which you want to insert the link in Edit mode
  5. Position the cursor where you want the hotspot to be and paste the page title using <CTRL-V>
  6. Put square brackets around the page title so it looks like this: [[Another SN Directory entry]]
  7. Click on the Preview button to check out the hotspot. The text for the link should appear in white print with an underline.


  1. The link appears in green instead of white
    • This means that the name of the page you have included in the link is invalid. Check and update it and try again

Other types of link[edit]

To follow