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A war, a convoy, a letter through the door, A wife that is a wife no more Her children are called away from school To be broken the news so terribly cruel

“Your father has sailed to a distant land And can not be reached by human hand No more shall we meet him upon the quay He can not come back to you or to me”

Some days later, when tears have passed Her children asleep and quiet at last She sits down to wish of one more goodbye And to ponder and puzzle and ask merely why?

The warships guard the convoys tight, Prepared to stand, prepared to fight. But they are not who the foe will attack. They hunt the ones that cannot fight back.

“My husband has sailed to a distant land, Following orders of higher command, He sails his ship on a distant sea Never again to dock on an English quay”

Who will remember the warships and crew? The soldiers in trenches, the men who flew? All will remember the forces of men, Who left, never to return again.

But who will remember the brave men of sea Whose ships were unarmed and could only flee? Who shouldered the burden of feeding their land, In ships with conditions fit for the damned

I will remember, with poppy and voice To tell of the merchant ships and of their choice. The tankers, the trawlers, the fishing boats too I remember their sacrifice and say Thank You

Kerry Dainty, AGED 17

Such fine words from someone who is young enough not to have lived through the war, but wise enough to say " I remember their sacrifice and say Thank You"

Check for Existing Material[edit]

There is no point in spending time duplicating what someone else has done so check to see if there is already a Guide covering your topic - maybe you should add your new material to an existing entry.

  1. Check for relevant entries using the Categories navigation tool in the toolbar on the left of the screen
  2. Follow up with some searches using the Search tool which is also in the toolbar on the left of the screen
  3. Make a note of relevant Categories and Directory entries so you can add links to them later in the process

Plan the structure[edit]

  1. Plan what you are going to include:
    • Sketch out what you want to include on paper. Although this is not essential, organising your material will save time on changing it around later.
  2. Decide if you are going to include:
    • Images or photographs
    • Links to other SN Directory entries
    • Links to SN threads
    • Links to other websites

If you are going to provide links to any of the above, assemble of list of the items in preparation so you don't have to go digging around for them later.

An interesting site for the old Liverpool Pubs - plenty of nostalgia

Create the basic Directory Entry[edit]

  1. Add the basic text - you may wish to type this in using a Word Processor and copy it into the Directory entry from there
  2. Add any data - you may wish to put this in a table - see How to add a data table to a Directory entry

Note: It is advisable to regularly check progress by pressing the Show Preview button, and saving work in progress using the Save Page button. There is nothing more annoying that to lose a page of work because you failed to save it regularly.

Add images and links[edit]

After you are satisfied with the basic Directory entry you can add the extras.

  1. Add images
  2. Add links to SN Guides
  3. Add links to SN threads and other websites

Polish and finalise your Directory entry[edit]

  1. Check the overall look of the entry - is it neat and well laid out?
  2. Check spacing betwen paragraphs and images
  3. Add Categories - see How to use Categories to help users find entries
  4. Consider using a template to provide standard links to other Directory entries if this is one of a group of entries (e.g. for sister ships). See How to use a simple template to add standard links to a group of Directory entries


  1. Do not use any characters other than letters or spaces in the titles of Directory entries - the system cannot handle this but doesn't warn you about it.
  2. Ditto in the names of photographs when you upload them

Good luck - it really is quite straightforward and help is on hand via site Moderators.