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United States Lines

Farrell Lines

Grace Lines

Seatrain Lines

Robin Lines

American Export- Isbrandtsen

Isthmian Steamship Co.

States Line (States Steamship Co.) USA

States Marine Lines

Sealand Corp.

Rye Marine

Mayflower Steamship Co.

Maritime Overseas Corp.

Sun Oil Co.

Texaco Corp.

Marine Transport Co.

Freeport Sulphur Co.

Mississippi Shipping Co.

Delta Lines

Lykes Brothers Steamship Lines, Inc.

Lykes Lines


Columbia Steamship Lines (Corp?)

Waterman Steamship Co.

Alcoa Corp.

Moore- McCormack Lines

Pacific Far East Lines

American Mail Lines

American President Lines

Matson Navigation Co.

Arco Marine, Inc.

Ogden Marine

British and Commonwealth

American Oil Company (AMOCO)

Moore McCormack Lines

Sinclair Oil Company

Central Gulf SS Company

Academy Tankers, Inc

Gulf Oil Co.

Sabine Towing & Transportation

Pure Oil Co.

Horizon Lines

Chevron Shipping Co.

Bethlehem Steel Co

Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company

Union Oil Co.

American Trading & Production

National Bulk Carriers, Inc.

Reynolds Metals, Inc.

American Hawaiian SS Co.

Cove Shipping

United Fruit

Global Marine

Phillips Petroleum

Robin Line