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This is an introduction to the help screens that have been produced especially to help SN members become familiar with the SN Directory. The original help pages are still available but they are not easy for a non-technical person to follow.

The custom help pages are a series of "How to" instructions that you can look up as you need them.

Creating a new Directory entry[edit]

The first "How to" document provides a strategy for creating a new SN Directory entry and can be found here:

How to: Plan a new Directory entry

Linking to other Directory entries[edit]

You will often find that there is a need to include "hotspots" that take you to another Directory entry. The following "How to" document explains how to include links to other SN Direcotry entries:

How to: Add links to other SN Directory entries

Using Images[edit]

Many Directory entries can be improved by the use of images. The following "How to" shows how to do this:

How to: Upload an image and use it in a Directory entry

Using Categories to help find entries[edit]

The SN Directory uses a series of categories that can be applied to entries to make it easy for other users to find them. The following "How to" showns how this is done:

How to: Use Categories to help users find entries

Using lists in Directory entries[edit]

There will be many occasions when you will want to use numbered of bulleted lists. This "How to" shows how to use various types of list:

How to: Use lists in Directory entries

Accessing other Help information[edit]

All the "How to" entries and the original help material can be found here: [Help:Contents]