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This page brings together information about websites holding nautical information of various types.

All SN members are invited to add to this page or, if uncertain about how to do this, to send a Personal Message to Benjidog or one of the other site Moderators who will arrange to get them added for you. Please note that for each entry there should be a brief description of the content, the URL of the website and (optionally) comments about the content.

The page is organised into sections based on topics. Some sites are not easily categorised or cover multiple topics so it may be worth your while checking out all the sections if you are looking for something specific.

Maintaining the Information

  • Because websites come and go, please report any links that you find to be dead so they can be corrected or deleted.
  • Please ensure that you check your new entries by clicking on them after you have updated the page.

How to use Locations in this entry

You should be able to launch the page by clicking on the URL - that's all there is to it!

Historical Information Websites

Historical Information

Description Website URL Comments
Miramar ship index Miramar Ship Index Comprehensive index of ships with search facilities - includes basic data for all listed ships
National Maritime Museum Collections NMM Collections Online access to the collections in the NMM including photos and objects. You can also order copies here
UK National Archives UK National Archives Index to the National Archives. You can search for the existence of items in the archive though not see them online. You could for example use discharge book no. or DOB and surname to find out what is available - there are instructions on how to obtain copies.
The Ships List The Shipslist A subscription site aimed at geneological research but containing 3,000 free access pages including information about shipping companies, their fleets and individual ships.
The Red Duster The Red Duster Merchant Navy Association website with much information about companies and ships
Commonwealth War Graves Commission CWGC Includes search facilities to find the whereabouts of war graves including those of members of the Merchant Navy
National Museum of the Atlantic (Halifax Nova Scotia) National Museum of the Atlantic A great deal of information about nautical matters, especially related to the sea. Also a lot of information about the Halifax explosion on 12/12/1917 - believed to be the world's largest explosion before Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The Crew List Index Project Crewlist Information about a project to make crew lists available for research purposes and where you can get access to the information that has been transcribed
Maritime Matters Maritime Matters History and news of ocean liners and cruise ships. Not that easy to navigate but there is some good articles about old liners. Website Detailed information about U-boats and their victims. Covers mainly WW2 but there is also information about WW1 Website Kriegsmarine and U-Boat history
City of London Libraries Voyage Card records This URL provides access to a list of abbreviations used on Voyage Records cards
French Ministry of Defense Website (Ministere de Defense) Ministere de Defense Vast French government website for the armed forces which includes a large set of plans of old warships. The site is in French so is not easy to navigate if you do not speak the language.
Plimsoll Ship Data Website Plimsoll Ship Data Holds scans of Llloyds Register entries for ships active between 1930 to 1945
Court Line - the company and its ships Court Line History of all Court Line ships including basic data and photos
University of Wisconsin La Crosse Historic Steamboat Photographs [1] Amazing collection of over 40,000 black and white photographic images of steamboats on the inland waterways of the United States, primarily the Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri rivers and their tributaries.

Ships Photograph Websites

Ships Photographs

Description Website URL Comments
Photoships Photoships "Old ship pictures and disasters"
ShipPhotos ShipPhotos Many ships photos you can access for personal use but nothing older than 1987
The Allen Collection The Allen Collection Approximately 5,000 photos of merchant navy ships collected over a 60 year period by the Allens.
Navsource Naval History NavSource An "unofficial" site with photographs depicting US Naval history and claiming to have one of the largest collections of its type
State Library of Victoria Catalogues This is a vast treasure trove including many photos. As a start, from the URL provided, select Pictures Catalogue then add some selection critieria as you will need to narrow your search down. Be prepared to spend a long time in here due to the range and scope of material.
Maritime Quest Maritime Quest Collection of ships photos and other nautical-related information including a downloadable database

Websites covering Specific Countries, Areas or Regions

Specific Areas or Regions

Description Website URL Comments
Voices from the hidden history of the Thames Hidden History of the Thames This site contains information about the Thames around the Royal Docks area and access to sound recordings of local people
Section of Thames History Society website Where Thames Smooth Waters Glide A vast amount of information and photos, past and present, about the Thames - a very impressive site
Thames Tugs website Thames Tugs Photos and information about Thames tugs including logs of vessels that went to Dunkirk
The Great Lakes (Boatnerd) Boatnerd Lots of information about the Great Lakes and Seaway shipping including photo galleries, ships in transit and much more
About the Great Lakes About the Great Lakes Site dedicated to the history, ships, peoples, canals etc. of the Great Lakes region
Great Lakes Maritime Database Great Lakes Maritime Database This Great Lakes Maritime Database was initially funded by the Library of Michigan in 2005 with a collaborative grant by Alpena County Library and the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. It contains the 19th century C. Patrick Labadie collection as well as an ever growing collection of 20th century data and pictures.
The Bosun's watch The Bosun's watch Site dedicated to the history, ships, people etc. of the Fleetwood fishing fleet
Property Management and Archive Management System (PMARS) PMARS Official US Government site with inventory information about US ships from WW2 to the present
Cyldebuilt Ships Database Clydesite Information and photos of ships built on the Clyde. Includes a section on Clyde ships that have been preserved or currently being restored.
Glasgow Museums Online Photo Library Online Photo Library Contains a wide variety of photos available to be downloaded for personal use including ships and shipping. Select "Keywords" and for shipping select keywords beginning with S
Picture Stockton Stockton-on-Tees Local Photo Collection Online Contains a substantial collection of photos of the Stockton-on-Tees area including over 500 about ships, boats etc.
Flotilla Australia Flotilla Australia Contains historical information and pictures specialising in Australian shipping lines

Miscellaneous Nautical Websites


Description Website URL Comments
International Telecommunication Union - Maritime Access and Retrieval System (MARS) MARS Search facility of all global registered shipping. This system contains characteristics of ship stations, coast and coast earth stations participating in the GMDSS as well as those providing public correspondence
Merchantnavyofficers website Merchantnavyofficers Miscellaneous topics with a lot about British India
British Military Powerboat Trust website British Military Powerboat Trust This site is dedicated to British miltary powerboats; the Trust's aims include preservation and restoration of historic military craft and exhibit examples in operational and static condition. Includes boat histories and photos.
RN Coastal Forces Veterans website RN Coastal Forces Veterans This Site describes itself as being for and about the men and women who served with HM Light Coastal Forces, manning or supporting "The Spitfires of the Sea". The site includes war reports and forums dedicated to the subject matter.
Simplon Postcards Simplon Postcards Site dedicated to postcards of passenger ships. Also many of ports.
BP Marine Engineering Apprentices BP Marine Engineering Apprentices Site specialising in BP ships, apprentices and crews
Helder Line Website Helder Line Site specialising in Shell tankers and crew
Equasis Aquasis Website supported by EU Maritime organisations with information about current ships and shipping companies. You need to register to use it but registration is free.