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A view of the former Wellington Harbour Board Maritime Museum at which I worked on coming ashore in 1986. A real treasure-trove of maritime objects, models, archives and photograhs and film. Anyone who remembers the museum at this time will have fond memories of the museum and it's tireless curator and mentor the late Jack Churchouse.

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Hi John,
If you go to Auckland Voyager is worth a visit if you want to see models and its on the waterfront they also now have the large model of the DM which is shown above. In Wellington you will see a few ship models if you visit the Museum of Wellington City and Sea at Queens Wharf.It was formally the Wellington Maritime Museum before the focus of the museum changed.The Otago Museum in Dunedin also has a good collection of models so good luck and I hope you enjoy your visit to New Zealand.

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Hi Emmanuel,
I had a great visit to Auckland in April 2010. Went out on an Admiral's Cup yacht, took the harbour tour on Puke and really liked the MM, especially the audiovisual presentation on navigation between the islands. I am a great believer in contact between Polynesia and South East Asia with South, Meso and North America possibly many centuries before the Spanish Conquest. The navigation skills and vessels existed and there is much tantalizing evidence to support this. Auckland is a very beautiful city and very upmarket, cosmopolitan!
Some prized possessions are my All Blacks game and interview shirts, they being "my" team. I started playing for New Brighton Rugby Club in their centenary when they exchanged trainers with New Brighton, NZ for one year - I consider that I was therefore a "New Zealand" player in my approach to the game (shortest No.8 to play for Cheshire! At 6'1" and 195lbs).

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