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GRIMSBY-Class Sloop ordered from HM Dockyard Devonport under the 1934 Programme on 1st March 1935 and laid down on 12th June 1935. The ship was launched by the Lady Provost of the city, Mrs E Watt on 22nd January 1936 as the 2nd RN ship to carry the name previously used by a WW1 trawler. Build was completed on 17th September 1936- During build this ship was fitted for use as Despatch Vessel for the use of the CinC Mediterranean Fleet. After commissioning at Devonport she worked up at Portland before a visit to Aberdeen. All her pre-war service was in the Mediterranean and she was recalled to UK for convoy defence duties after the outbreak of WW2.

For her wartime service see:

HMS ABERDEEN was kept in Reserve at Gibraltar until the end of 1946 when the ship was placed on the Disposal List. After tow to Devonport she was sold to BISCO on 16th December 1948 for breaking-up by T W Ward at Hayle, Cornwall where she arrived on 19th January 1949.

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She looks very simillar to the Wellington, berthed on the Embankment in London: are they sisters?

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They both belong to the Grimsby Class Escort Sloops, they were ordered in several groups for the Royal Navy, RAN and RIN and differed slightly in their armament. Both WELLINGHTON and ABERDEEN were built at Devonport Dockyard.
Wellington was ordered as part the first RN Group and was completed in 1935. Aberdeen was part of the second RN group and was completed in 1936. There were 6 in the first RN group (GRIMSBY, LEITH, LOWESTOFT, WELLINGTON, DEPTFORD , LONDONDERRY) with a further 2 in the second group (ABERDEEN , FLEETWOOD)
There were also a further 5 vessels . 1 for the RIN (INDUS) with a further 4 for the RAN (YARRA, SWAN, PARRAMATTA, WARREGO)

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