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Passenger steamer Albany (1880) of The Hudson River Day Line. Shown under the Poughkeepsie Bridge. (I'm sure that bridge has a lovely name, but how do you pronounce it?).
I believe the company's two ships were supposed to meet under this bridge, which means that we're standing on the deck of the New

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The bridge is still there, the ships have presumably moved.
I'll try the pronounciation for you: Puhkäpsie

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Built in 1880 at Wilmington, Delaware by the Harlan & Hollinsworth Co.
This is a later picture after her large paddle housings had been removed during the installation of feathering paddles, she had been lengthened and the promenade deck had been extended to the bow.
The walking beam is ahead of the funnels, rather than behind, a feature peculiar to many of the earlier Hudson River steamboats.
In service through 1930: sold in 1934 for use as a Potomac River excursion boat.
Cut down to a barge in 1948.
The New York Albany service of some 140 miles for many years was scheduled at 9 1/2 hours and that included perhaps a dozen landings between the terminal cities.
The Company encountered financial dificulties and was wound up in 1948. There was a successor line, but the regular daily summer sailings between the two cities was over.

Iron hull, 1,347GT, 284' x 40' (lengthened to 314' in 1892 and feathering buckets installed), Sidewheel Vertical beam, cylinder 73" x 12' stroke.
Breadth over guards would be close to 75' and the passenger license varied between 1,800-2,500 passengers.
Max speed about 20 knots.

As built, with radial wheels:
Day Line ships:
Since 1974 no longer carrying a line of railroad, the Poughkeepsie Bridge, built in 1888, is still extant, although it needs major repairs:

Bruce C

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Judging from the drawings in your links Bruce, the photographer picked the right angle to photograph her here. Or maybe the rebuild added much to her looks.
The Poughkeepsie Bridge seems to be in need of some maintenance yes, although theres a lot of red in the picture that is perhaps supposed to be there. Stein

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