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ANCHISES (3) (1911 - 1941) Aeneas class steel steamship.
O.N. 131320. 10,046g. 6,380n. 493.0 x 60.4 x 37.1 feet.
Two T.3-cyl. (24", 40" & 68" x 48") by the shipbuilder, driving twin propeller shafts. 5,700 IHP. 14 kts.
12.1.1911: Launched by Workman, Clark & Company Ltd., Belfast (Yard No. 296) The Ocean Steamship Company Ltd.
9.3.1911: Completed.
10.3.1911: Departed from Belfast for Glasgow.
3.8.1915 until 12.10.1917: Australian Expeditionary Force transport No. A 68.
23.9.1918: Attacked with gunfire by a German submarine in the Atlantic.
27.2.1941: Whilst on a voyage from Hong Kong via Cape Town and Freetown to Liverpool, was attacked by a German Condor long range bomber and damaged with bombs in a position 55.30N., 13.17W., 180 miles W.N.W. from Aran Island. Abandoned by 134 passengers and crew in six of her lifeboats. 33 crew remained with one lifeboat.
28.2.1941: Attacked again by German aircraft and sunk west of Bloody Foreland, Ireland. 12 of the 33 crew on board were lost as victims of the high seas prevailing at the time, the remainder being rescued by HMS KINGCUP and HMCS ASSINIBIONE.

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