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Anvil Point taken from Hythe Pier / Southampton Water on 24 July 2007. I am seeking enlightenment on this particular 'vessel' ? Is it a special purpose vessel.?

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Perhaps debateable. She is one of 6 ships operated by Foreland Shipping in the UK Strategic Sealift Fleet (part of the Joint Rapid Reaction Force).
Basically they cart Army/Navy/RAF kit around the place, for example these ships supply the Falklands Garrison and Iraq/Afghanistan, as well as taking part in UK/NATO exercises worldwide.
Due to the nature of their work they're manned top to bottom by Brits and all are members of the Royal Naval Reserve (sponsored status, basically a legal protection in wartime).
The other point of interest is that the Anvil was the very last ship built by Harland & Wolff, this being in 2002.
All 6 ships are named after English lighthouses (much to the chagrin of the many Scots in the fleet!), the names being:

Anvil Point (Harland & Wolff 2002)
Beachy Head (Flensburger 2003)
Eddystone (Flensburger 2002)
Hartland Point (Harland & Wolff 2002)
Hurst Point (Flensburger 2002)
Longstone (Flensburger 2002)

I work for Foreland and have sailed on 3 of these ships - Hartland Point, Longstone and Beachy Head.

Malim Sahib Moderator
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Foreland is made up of 4 companies - Andrew Weirs, Bibby Line, James Fishers and Hadleys.
Of that lot the technical management (Superintendants etc) is carried out by Weirs, with the crew management carried out by Bibbys. The other two being silent partners, although they had a part to play during the design/construction.
Foreland was originally named as Andrew Weir Strategic Ro-Ro, but it was changed back in 2004 (I think).

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Thank you for your excellent comments and your first hand knowledge of the make up of Foreland is more than appreciated.
As to where these fairly unique cargo ships should be located; on balance "Cargo Ships" makes more sense than most, so we can opt for that one, although of course even that decision could be seen as incorrect if one happens to be on board taking Army Kit to Iraq.(EEK)

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