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aqabar mv Morning Ace

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A nicely composed picture, thank you for sharing it. (Thumb)
Morning Ace is ex: Canadian Ace II - 2,600 Cars, Pure Car Carrier, Built 1976 at Naikai S.B., Panama Flag, KR Classed. Owners/Managers are Cido Shipping, Hong Kong. Other ex-names: Lotus Ace, Laurel. Call Sign H8DE, IMO Number 7429308.
As for the name of the port, whilst it does not escape our notice that you have a dogged enthusiasm to still call it Aqabar, the research we have put in does back up our feeling that the most conventional spelling of this port is ‘Aqaba’ and whilst it is of course merely an Anglicized version in any event, the Site does rely on a reasonable amount of co-operation and goodwill, so that the Members can find things easily through a search using the conventional spellings of places and names. To this end we would politely ask you to go along with the move.

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