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Aquitania and Britannic

Aquitania and Britannic

Aquitania and Britannic are seen together at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the summer of 1949.

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This series of pictures is from Halifax, NS and were all taken by photographer Henry Bruce Jefferson of Moncton in the mid to late summer of 1949. He was working for the Nova Scotia Information Service at that time, and they wanted him to create a photographic record of the influx of immigrants to Canada during that year. Sensing that this would be the last year for Aquitania, he took a number of shots of the ship both at water level and from the air. Although he was taking the pictures for the Nova Scotia Information Service, he was always an avid photographer and ship lover in his own right, and so, he took a few shots of his own to keep in his personal collection, and it is some of those pictures that are shown in this set.

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