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Because I have absolutely no information, I rely on the knowledge of Stein
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Ship Type : Frigate Three Masts.
Dim : Lpp x Beam - 54.4 / 11.9 mtr.
Built in 1873 by Meursing & Huijgens, werf Concordia Amsterdam Netherland as " AMSTERDAM " for Van Eeghen & Co Amsterdam Netherland.

Tonnage : grt / nrt / tdw - 1.407 / 1.369 / -,---.

1887 Sold to Firma A. Hendrichs & Co. Amsterdam Netherland,renamed " ARDJOENO ".
1899 Sold to A. Hemmes Sr. Emden Germany,renamed " SILO ".

Google Nederlands - English.

NRC 120173. Amsterdam, January 11. Today, the composition of the frigate ship AMSTERDAM, large over 1,000 Java loads, was successfully launched by the shipyard Concordia of Messrs Meursing and Huygens, on behalf of the shipping company of Messrs Eeghen & Co. and will be fed by cutting. J. Kruysinga.

Saturday 1887:1897-04-05:
PGC 010297 Amsterdam, January 29. According to reports received from the shipping company, the Dutch bareboat ARDJOENO departs, Kap. Bakker, tomorrow from Lorenzo Marques (note: Lourenço Marques, now Maputo in Mozambique) to Mobile, to load wood there for the Netherlands.
PGC 070497 Amsterdam, April 5. According to reports received by the shipping company, the Dutch bareboat ARDJOENO, is cut. Bakker, arrived yesterday from Lorenzo Marques (note: Lourenço Marques, in Mozambique) at Mobile. The ship has been on the ground for a while, but has remained closed.
NRC 160497 Mobile, April 5. The Dutch bargeship ARDJOENO, fell. Bakker, coming from Lourenzo Marques (note: Maputo), got aground while sailing into the bay on Sand Island. The crew, except the pilot, who remained on board, made landfall at Sand Island. A tug towed the ship off the beach and brought it to the city, while those on board were still on the island. The ship has no damage.
(note: see image)
The frigate ship AMSTERDAM was sold out of hand for NLG 40,000 in 1887 and renamed ARDJOENO (source: Sweijs 1888)

PGC 110199. Amsterdam, January 10. We are told that the Dutch ship ARDJOENO, on November 28th. arrived here from Batavia and since lying in the harbor, sold out of hand, it is said for approx. NLG 30,000, to Mr. P.A. Tiel. The ARDJOENO, (ex-AMSTERDAM) is a composition bar of 1407 register tons and was built in Amsterdam in 1873.
PGC 240299. Amsterdam, February 22. The Dutch ship ARDJOENO, which was delivered in early January by the broker Alb. Vinke for NLG 30,000 was sold to Mr. P.A. Tiel, here, has now been sold to Germany. The ship will be brought into service under the German flag under the name SILO.
PGC 250299. Amsterdam, February 23. The Dutch ship ARDJOENO was sold to Mr. A. Hemmes in Emden.
(note: it is almost certain that the ARDJOENO has not sailed for P.A.Tiel.)

Final Fate:
Traveling in ballast from Table Bay (South Africa) to Chemainus B.C. (Canada's west coast), the SILO partially lost masts and other damage in a storm on August 21, 1902. On September 5, 1902, the damaged ship was towed into Nagasaki and rejected there.


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Wonderful friends of seafaring.
This wealth of information surprises me.
Thanks for that.
Too bad I missed the older post from Gijsha.

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