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Leaving Port Stanley. 1987

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Together with sister BARBARA E and the smaller WEST MOOR, she served the UK - Ascension - Falkalnds supply service operated by Hogg Robinson Shipping Services Ltd (part of the old HR GFA). ASIFI was very unreliable and went off charter, only to return later as KATHE SIF. Owners were Knud I. Larsen, and the ships were ideal for the trade with shallow draft and high capacity cranes.

Loading was initially at Ridham dock before the operation was moved to Denton Wharf at Gravesend, one ship sailing every four weeks. Cargo consisted of military re-supply and local goods - almost everything in the islands from cars to raw plugs arrived on these ships.

At Ascension, discharging was by ship's gear on to lighters, and this could be spectacular on occasion with the swell often experienced there. In the Falklands, the ships would call first at East Cove and then Stanley.

HRSS lost the MOD contract in 1990; I don´t know who runs it now.

Hello to anyone involved in those days - Bill Wilkes, Robin Whitehead, Richard Sheridan, Robert Rowlands (in FI).

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Many thanks for that Fred. I wondered about her and only took the one photo.
I have e-mailed the FIC for her details but your post is much quicker.

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