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Ba (ex Deka - ex Glenafton)

Ba (ex Deka - ex Glenafton)

A three-masted steel barque, built in 1884 by W. Hamilton, Port Glasgow (Yard nr.: 61)
(231.1x35.7x20.2 ft.) (1174 BRT / 1080 NRT)

Dec. 1884 : Launched for W.O. Taylor and Co., Dundee and was named : GLENAFTON

Dec. 1908 : Sold to Bendix J. Grefstad, Arendal, Norway and was renamed : DEKA

1911 : S

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Her dismasting in the South Atlantic was dramatic: the whole of the main mast and half the mizzen went overboard. All of the lifeboats and the pump were destroyed, and when the main mast went, about 12 sq. metres of deck went with it. Several layers of sail was nailed over the hole, and loose spars cut off, whereafter she righted. The helmsman was lucky, as the wheel was crushed on the side away from him.

The crew of British steamer Merchant, that found her a day after, first demanded that the Norwegians abandon the ship, but agreed after a while to tow her to Rio Grande, about 600 miles. There the Captain, Hans Hansen, who was badly hurt in the dismasting, went into a hospital, and the ship was partially repaired and eventually towed to Montevideo. She was rerigged as a schooner, and made a few trips to the Antarctic, carrying whale oil

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