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The Crew of R/v Baltica has rescued on 25th of January 2010 the dog floating on the ice floe 15 miles off shore. The dog has spent 4-5 days on the floe and has "traveled" about 200 km down the Vistula River. The journey has began in Torun. Two attempts to rescue the dog, one in Grudziac, another one in Swiecie have failed. The crew thought it is a seal from very beginning. Once they realised it is a dog the Man Over Board alarm sounded. The dog has got a name Baltic and is now a crew member of Baltica.

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Vessel statistics:
Total length 41,0 m
Length between perpendiculars (L.B.P.) 35,5 m
Breadth 9,0 m
Height to main deck 4,5 m
Draught 3,5 / 4,45 m
Displacement 620 BRT
Speed 11,5 knots
Cargo capacity 130 m3
Endurance 30 days
Main engine - produced by H. Cegielski 8S20D type; 1040 kW; (900 rev./min.)
Caterpillar Auxiliary engine 160 kVA
Diameter of adjustable propeller 2,7 m
Bow thruster S 1.0 - 150 type
Crew 11
Scientific crew 11

Vessel's purpose:
The main tasks of the R/V BALTICA includes:

* Oceanographic, biological and fishing research is carried out from the vessel on the Baltic Sea with the aim of determining catch possibilities and the ecological conditions which have an influence on resources. These investigations are directly related to international biological programs of the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES) and contracts from the International Baltic Sea Fisheries Commission (IBSFC):
o Determining the influence of marine environment dynamics on the biological production and recruitment of exploitable species;
o Determining the state of living resources and changes in them as a basis for shaping principles for their conservation and rational exploitation as well as to make catch size prognoses;
o Determining ecological factors, which influence the behavior of sea organisms.
* Research on the functioning of the Baltic ecosystem, carried out within the framework of international projects under the auspices of the ICES, bilateral co-operation with Baltic states and projects financed by the Polish State Committee for Scientific Research,
* Environmental research of the Baltic Sea within the framework of both Polish and international programs in the fields of oceanography, marine atmosphere, radioactive substances and pollution as required by the Helsinki Commission HELCOM - BMP, EGAP, MORS as well as the National Oceanographic Services (Krajowa Służba Oceanograficzna).

Research areas and equipment aboard the vessel:

* Biology laboratory (25m2),
* Chemical laboratory (20m2),
* Ichthyology laboratory (18m2),
* Physics laboratory (12m2),
* Meteorology cabin,
* Automated meteorology station MILOS-500,
* Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler,
* Hydroacoustic station,
* Computer network to co-ordinate sampling procedures and to register and analyze sampling data,
* Area for taking samples from the side port and winches,
* 7 on-deck stations for sampling and fishing equipped with a line-cable hydrographic elevator and trawl,
* rotating stern frame (3 tons),
* portable state-of-the-art. research and sampling laboratory and on-deck equipment for physical, chemical, biological and meteorological research and for estimating resources and catch techniques.


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Headline news: Crew of the r/v Baltica rescued the dog from the floe 15 miles offshore.

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