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Intersting shot,
She was the second ship in G line ahead of her was the Pretoria Castle but the liner in view has a tall thin funnel making it to be the Strathnaver at the head of F line with the slightly more imposing Vanguard.
Baltimore was the lead ship of the superb Baltimore class of heavy cruisers, probably the best WW2 heavy cruiser : In P no order - Baltimore, Boston, Canberra, Quincy, Pittsburg, St paul, Columbus, Helena, Oregon City, Albany, Rochester, Northampton, Bremerton, Fall River, Macon, Toledo, Los Angeles and Chicago, including the six ships cacelled this class would have numbered 24 ships.
So successful a dresign many served post WW2 seeing service in Korea and Vietnam five ships being the first missile carry cruisers of the USN.
Baltimore was built by Bethlehem shipbuilding at Quincy Massachusetts and was laid down on the 26th May 1941, launched 14 months later on the 28th July 1942 and commissioned on the 15th April 1943.
She saw service bombarding first Makin the Tarawak Island, this was followed by duty as part of carrier screening forces in the Marshall Islands and many other Island campaigns.
In July 1944 after maintenance in the US she carried President Franklin D. Roosevelt from San Diego to Pearl Harbour then to a tour of Alaska, this period as Presidential yacht was followed by service as a fast carrier support and escort for the Okinawa campaign.
!946 saw her mothballed but was placed back in service for the Korean War, this was followed by service in the Med during which time she appeared above, in 1956 she went back into the reserve fleet for the final time and was sold for scrap in May 1972
L 673’05” B 60’10” Draft 24’00” disp 14,472 tons Standard , 17,031 Full load
Machinery :Quadruple screws, General Electric geared steam turbines supplied with steam from four Babcock and Wilcox o/f boilers, 120,000 SHP 33 knots
Fuel 2,250 tons giving a cruising range of 10,000 miles at 15knots.
Armour : belt 6 inches tapering to 4 inches at lower edge, Deck 2.5 inches, Turrets – Front 8” roof-3” sides - 2” to 3.75”. Barbettes 6”.. Although the first six ships had no control tower armour the rest had 6”.

Guns :
Nine 8” C55 Mk12 guns in three triple turrets
Heavy AA/ DP twelve 5” C38 Guns in six twin turrets, two either beam and one superfiring on the C/L fore and aft
Med / light AA 48 x 40mm Bofors in eleven Quad mounts and two twin mounts

Aircraft usually the OS2 floatplane, four could be carried but only two could be fitted in the hangers the others had to stay on the catapults

Crew 2,039 men – staggering for a cruiser given that the crew on a KG5 battleship was in the order 0f 1,900 and a similar year US battle ship the South Dakota class carried 2,500 to 2,600 men.

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The 'Baltimores' were mini-battleships, really! Lots of AA accounted for the crew size, I believe. Like the BBs they did their best duty escorting carriers and shore bombardment. Pity we didn't have this class at Guadalcanal!

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