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The Norwegian owners Kr Jebsen certainly enjoyed a period in the sun when their status rose from occasional small ancient freighters to a very substantial fleet that included a high proportion of good looking new cargo ships. Seen inward bound on The Thames at Rosherville in 1978 the Barknes was built that year and was 16,169 gr tons.

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BARKNES Baynes class
As built: 19,196g. 12,572n. 34,556d. 180.02 (BB) x 28.45 x 10.891 metres oa.
Post 1995: 20,644g. 11,763n. 34,544d.
7-cyl. 2 S.C.S.A. (760 x 1,550mm) Sulzer 7RND76 type by the shipbuilders at Tamashima, geared to a shaft with a controllable pitch propeller. 14,193bhp. 15.5 kts.
Bulk carrier with four 15-ton cranes capable of operating grabs carried aboard.
1975: Ordered by Dillingham, Jebsen Shipping Corp, Liberia, from Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd., Uraga (Yard No. 988).
28.3.1977: Keel laid.
2.6.1977: Launched.
29.3.1978: Completed. (O.N. 6201).
1981: Transferred to Pacnorse Shipping International Ltd.
1982: Transferred to Cairns Shipping Ltd., (Kristian Jebsens Rederi AS, managers), Liberia, thence to Brockway Shipping Ltd., (Wheelock Marine Services, managers), Liberia.
1983: Transferred to Chios Crown Corp, (same managers).
1985: Transferred to Blue Sea Maritime Corp, (Fenwick Shipping Services Ltd., managers), Philippines, and renamed MANILA SUCCESS.
1987: Transferred to Pacnorse Shipping One Ltd., (same managers), and renamed GENERAL ROXAS.
1988: Jebsens (UK) Ltd., appointed as managers.
1988: Renamed RENKO, (Chelston Ship Management Ltd., managers), Panama.
1990: Transferred to Sicaal Jebsens Ships India Ltd., India, and renamed PEARL PROSPERITY. (O.N. 2424).
1993: Sold to Pearl Ships Inc., India.
5.4.2003: Delivered to unspecified India based shipbreaker.

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