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Italian pass/cargo liner BARLETTA, imo 5607427/ 86,5m/ 1.975gt/ twin screw/ 14kn/ pax: 22 first – 24 second – 22 third classes ;17/11/1931 completed by Cantieri Riuniti dell’Adriatico, Monfalcone, for Puglia SA di Navigazione a Vapore, Bari, for its Dalmatia/Adriatic/Albania service; 21/03/1932 Compagnia Navigazione San Marco, Venice; 04/04/1932 Compagnia Adriatica di Navigazione, Venice; 1936 BARLETTA requisitioned as an auxiliary cruiser for Regia Marina Italiana; 01/01/1937 Adriatica Spa di Navigazione, Venice; 20/04/1937, based in Palma de Maiorca is used in patrolling the International coast of Spain; 25/05/1937 was bombed by Republican airplanes in Palma de Maiorca; 05/1937 left Palma under escort to La Spezia where she arrived on the 28/05/1937; 08/1937 with the fictitious name of RIO and under the Spanish flag was based in Favignana to block the Strait of Sicily to Spanish Republican traffic; 31/08/1937 left the area to intercept a reciprocating north of the Strait of Messina the British oil tanker BURLINGTON that is captured and handed over to Spanish units; 21/09/1937 ceases Spanish Civilian war mission; 10/11/1937 is in Tobruk for traffic surveillance Republican in the Eastern Mediterranean; 1938 on line Venice, Bari , Rhodes , Izmir , Greece, Albania , Dalmatia service; 01/1939 BARLETTA again requisitioned as a transport made six trips to Spain ( 3 from La Spezia to Cadiz, 3 from Genoa to Barcelona ) until 03/1939; 25/03/1939 made part of the civil service; 06/04/1939 starts from Brindisi to Durazzo being ship headquarters of the occupation of Albania; 02/08/1939 on line Venice, Trieste, Bari, Brindisi, Leros , Kalymnos , Kos, Rhodes , Alexandria; 12/05/1940 requisitioned by the Regia Marina Italiana in Durres and registered in the paintings of the auxiliary fleet as auxiliary cruiser (D 16), arm.: 2-102/4 , 4 to 13.2 . ferroguide for 60 mines; 06/06/1940 enters service as a minelayer making dams in areas of Gallipoli, S. Maria di Leuca and Durres; 07/07/1940 she was moved to Brindisi in Libyan waters for the installation of barriers in the areas of Benghazi and Tripoli arrived in Italy on 12/08/1940; 05/09/1940 she was employed in escorting convoys between Bari and Durres with some mission also in Benghazi and Tobruk , and later also in Greece and the Aegean; 12/1940 damaged during the rescue of survivors of the steamer FLORENCE; 01/1941 outbound from Brindisi collided with steamer MERANO; 09/1941 she moved to Piraeus as escort ship for the traffic in the Aegean also making two trips to Tobruk between September and October 1942; 02/1941 stranding west of Euboea; 12/11/1942 she returned to Taranto and after a short period of convoy escort for Tunisia goes to work in Taranto; 03/04/1943 back in service again allocated to the area of the Aegean alternating escort missions with installation of dams in the waters of the Ionian Islands and along the coast of Puglia; 09/ 09/1943 to the proclamation of the armistice is located in Barletta, remaining in the service of the Allies; 08/10/1943 took part in the first convoy of Italian unity in the service of the Allies from Augusta to Algiers returning to Taranto on 17/10/1943; 25/10/1943 radiata from the paintings of naval auxiliary
02/12/1943 hit in Bari under German aerial raid betwen 19h15 to 21h15 is hit by the explosion of a steamboat explosion near with its reserves of ammunition; 03/12/1943 sinks to 09.00 approximately; 1948 recovered; 10/1948 towed to Trieste ****nal for rebuilding; 25/09/1949 returned to Adriatica Spa di Navigazione, Venice; new alterations 1966gt, Pax: 32 first , 24 second, 26 third; 01/10/1949 first trip to the Trieste, Venice , Bari, Piraeus , Istanbul , Izmir service; 1956 transferred to the Trieste, Venice , Dalmatia, Piraeus , Heraklion , Kalamata service; 09/09/1962 Laid up in Trieste; 01/1965 moved at Trieste to the scrappers for breaking up.
Sources: Museo della Cantieristica, Miramar Ship Index.
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