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Benledi. 24th February 1950

Benledi. 24th February 1950

Following an explosion in the stoke hold in the early hours of the 24th February 1950 a fire rapidly spread throughout the engine room and the midships accommodation. Following a vain attempt to fight the fire the captain gave the order to abandon ship. Later that day parties of her own crew and the crew of a Royal Navy destroyer that had come to their rescue again boarded the burning ship. Despite their efforts they could not extinguish the fire and the following day February 26th the ship was finally abandoned. The Benledi was later towed to Malta where she was declared a total loss.

Photo courtesy of Karen Williams whose father Harry Stuart from Dundee was aboard her at the time

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Hmm, Benledi may have been declared a constructive total loss, but she was to serve for another 18 years before the scrapman got her!

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The Empire Admiral was the Benledi V. The one in the photo is the Benledi IV

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