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British Corporal

British Corporal

BP Tanker Co Ltd
Gross Tons 10,071
Dwt Tons 14,577
9,12,1953 Launched by Harland & Wolff Ltd, Belfast (Yard No 1465), for the British Tanker Co Ltd:1,7,1954: Completed. 1,6,1956 Owners restyled as BP Tanker Co Ltd.1960 Transferred to the BP Clyde Tanker Co Ltd, and renamed CLYDE CORPORAL, 1964 Reverted to the BP Tanker Co Ltd, and BRITISH CORPORAL, 1,5,72: Sold toNissho-Iwai Co Ltd, for demolition. 2,5,1972: Resold to Lung Yung Steel Co Ltd, Taiwan. 10,5,1972: Departed, in tow of the Japanese tug TOKO MARU, from Singapore Roads. 20,5,1972: Arrived at Kaohsiung. 20,6,1972 Work commenced. 30,7,1972 Work completed.
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