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British Reliance crew change

British Reliance crew change

Crew change in Bombay 1970 After 14 months
Lots of sewing machines and 2 lambrettas apart from the sacks of rice etc

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I was there, if I remember correctly we ended up in Bombay for some 20 0dd days doing repairs. We had to proceed at reduced speed form Newcastle NSW after a scavenge pump rod failed. Then on arrival in Bombay we discovered that there was a crack in the shell of the Starboard Boiler.

Happy days.


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I think you are slightly confused............We had come from Newcastle NSW where we had done some repairs for 3 days, I think to a compressor? I remember it took a long time to get to Bombay and the Old Man was pissed the whole time! in fact he was pissed when he joined in Sydney! I have no recollection of repairs in Bombay in fact we were only in for 24hours, I remember well because I had my wedding suit made and I was panicking it was going to be brought to the ship in time...........I would have remembered 20 days in Bombay!!!!. It must have been one of the other wrecks you were on!
John H
I have though lots of fond memories of that trip.......breaking down regularly and water rationing being just 2 of them !!!

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