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British Sergeant taking another beating North Sea early 1969

British Sergeant taking another beating North Sea early 1969

On our way to Norway from IOG or Gravenchon.
O.M. was J Lambert. C/O I can picture but cannot name also 2/O, x2/O Phil Sergeant appropriately, 3/O a blank. Deck Cadets myself, Rick Frankis, who I believe disappeared into Head Office and George Tomlinson. A good time for us 3 with very little sleep being on the UK coast most of the time.

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Mate was Dougie Hunter(tall Scot), 2/O's M.Macleod(from Western Isles) ,P Sargeant, Chris Woods ,3/O R.Morris. I have PM'd you.

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Thanks George for these ... I have a black and white from more or less the same position but taken south of Tasmania on our way from Dunedin to Kwinana with a big roll on ... lightship !! 4 days to do 40 miles backwards!! The Old Man was of the old school 12 miles off everything and if he couldnt do that in a passage we went the long way round. So, instead of going through Foveaux Strait went south of Stewart island and south of Tasmania instead of through Bass Strait. Anyone who has crossed the bight a few times knows what a ****house of a place that is and to go 150 odd miles further south than the usual track needs a trick cyclist to examine him.... Those weather decks shouldnt have needed holystoning we did them so many times they would have gleamed till she went to scrap....

No wonder you didnt sleep much I used up all the sleep in the top bunk of the forward Nav. App. cabin.

Nav. App. British Sergeant Oct 1959 - dec 1960

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Hi David ,
I had the same bunk, I knew there was something wrong with it. Only did 2 and a half months as an apprentice in 1969 but it was a ship that produced a lot of memories. Same again in 1972 as 3/O for 2 months.
It was on one of these trips across the North Sea that the fo'c'sle got flooded, it was being used as the paint store, I don't have to draw you any pictures, the water and the paint did it all by itself. Modern art !!!
Cheers George

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Thanks for your picture of the British Sergeant.
She was my very first ship, joined her in the Tyne in 1958 and after doing a few trips on the coast headed out east, Mombassa, Aden etc then Kwinana for orders,stayed on her till we returned to U.K. 10 months later.Like you I was just a young guy at the time. I posted a couple of photos of her some time ago.
Hope you are well.

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