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British Trader Horse Racing

British Trader Horse Racing

Another night in the crew bar, taken on the 17th August 2003.
Almost everyone is in this one, aside from the Old Man (covering the watch on the bridge) and the Duty Watchkeeper. Rather than try to remember everyone's names, I'll include the crewlist so as to give some idea of who we had onboard:

As at 31/07/03:

Tyler, M. MSTR
Billing, C. C/O
Kember, S. 2/O
Gill, K. X2/O
Parsons, G. 3/O
Humphrey, D. C/E
Hardy, T. 2/E
Hutchison, J. 3/E
Loveridge, D. 3/E
Delea, N. 4/E
Hunt, J. J/E
Whitson, D. CGO/E
Mitchell, M. ETO
Panton, L. BSN
Cordada, H. AB
Ponpon, J. AB
Quibel, R. AB
Ramos, M. OS
Sabillo, E. OS
Jaudines, J. OS
Antonio, R. FTR
Pastrana, E. OLR
Mantiles, E. OLR
Garcia, J. OLR
Gadista, R. C/CK
Salcedo, R. 2/CK
Bales, R. STWD
Nilo, F. STWD
Pyne, J. E/CDT
Young, K. E/CDT
MacAulay, I. E/CDT
Pedersen, O. SUPNY
Ladegaard, J. SUPNY

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That is a bit more modern than when I was with BP. On British Osprey it was a bedsheet that had the track marked on it and we used a set of Crown and Anchor dice. Lots of fun.

I never won a fortune so instead of retiring I still had to keep watches

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